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Dance your way to a better body

Weight Management

Try these exercises at home – no equipment needed!

You don’t need a gym to exercise. Dancing is a great way to get in shape. You can get a workout and find your rhythm whether you’re outside or in your living room. Get fit and have fun with these dance-inspired workout moves.

1) Plié Squat

Targets glutes and thighs
Stand with your legs apart and toes pointed forward if you want to perform a regular squat, or toes pointed outward if you want to concentrate on your inner thighs and perform a plié squat. Bend your knees and lower yourself, tracking your knees over your feet and keeping your back straight. Hold for 3 seconds before rising up. Add bicep curls for an additional challenge.

2) Explosives

Targets glutes, thighs and calves
Explosive movements in dance, such as jumping, are mandatory to get your heart rate going and to help tone up your legs. Jump straight up as high as you can, tighten your abdominals and aim to cushion your fall by landing on the balls of your feet. Swing your arms up to work out your shoulders, too.

3) Knee raise

Targets core
An easy, aerobic move that doesn’t require any extra equipment is the standard knee raise, so put on your favourite playlist and get moving! Alternating legs, lift your knee up as high as you can and tighten your abdominals inward – think of it as performing crunches standing up. Energetic dance music can help spur you on. Too easy? Get your blood pumping with bicep curls or arm raises, making this a full body workout.

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