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The wait is over: introducing Bee Bee!

Vitamins and Supplements

Are you ready to meet the newest member of the Happiest Farm on Earth? He sure is one clever bee!

One of Bee Bee’s most favourite hobbies is to help pollinate all the nutritious and important vegetation on the Happiest Farm on Earth. However, when Bee Bee isn’t busy pollinating, he loves to help kids who are busy exploring the world understand the importance of nutrition and especially omega-3 fatty acids.

Smart and happy growth

Omega-3 fatty acids like DHA* should be an essential part of a healthy diet for kids because these good fats cannot be sufficiently produced by the body. With NUTRILITE™ Kids Omega-3 soft chews, you can help support your child’s normal brain function with nutritious fish oil and help maintain healthy bone growth with vitamin D in a tasty and enjoyable way*.

Great ingredients and taste

NUTRILITE Kids Omega-3 soft chews are made from sustainable fish oil officially certified by Friend of the Sea . Bee Bee’s friends from this organisation protect the ocean through conservation initiatives and by certification of sustainable products and services. This means you can be confident in knowing that NUTRILITE Kids Omega-3 soft chews are sustainably sourced.

Although Bee Bee thinks everyone should consume fish at least twice a week to receive a healthy intake of omega-3 fatty acids naturally, he also knows that a lot of kids tend to not like fish or seafood. This is why Bee Bee recommends NUTRILITE Kids Omega-3 soft chews to ensure kids receive the right nutrients in their diet. And since the easy-to-eat jelly-texture chews have a great mixed fruit taste, this perfectly masks the fishy after-taste. The packaging technology also ensures a total oxygen and humidity barrier to secure the fruity taste. And remember, the soft chews help support brain and bone power in a delicious and playful way*!

What else does Bee Bee do?

As well as pollinating and sharing all that he knows about nutrition, Bee Bee also loves to have O-mega fun with his friends! In fact, you may already know some of them. Perfect Harmony is the colourful butterfly who ensures everything is in perfect balance; Mighty Flex is the happy and strong falcon who helps protect the farm from naughty little birds and mice; and Lady Booster is the tiny but bold ladybird who helps protect the important plants on the Happiest Farm on Earth. Together, Bee Bee and his friends love to help spread the word about how important it is to keep strong and healthy!

Get creative!

Help and encourage your kids to take their omega-3 fatty acids with a fun Bee Bee activity. All you need to do is print the Bee Bee template, help your kids join the dots and then colour! Don’t forget to post your kids’ work of art on Instagram with #nutrikids and #happiestfarmonearth

*DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid which contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of DHA. Vitamin D is needed for normal growth and development of bones in children.

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