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Keeping strong and healthy

Vitamins and Supplements

Is your family getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs? Cover any gaps with tasty, chewable food supplements

Do you sometimes worry that your family may not be eating wholesome, well-balanced meals as regularly as they should be? With the busy lifestyles we lead, juggling work with home life, it isn’t always possible to keep an eye on everyone’s mealtimes. And children don’t think about nutrients – they’re too busy being active!

Pep and energy

A healthy, balanced diet ensures that we most probably obtain all the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals we need to fuel our energetic days and keep our teeth and bones strong and healthy. But what about the busy days, when they’re out and about – at sports practice, or meeting friends on long summer evenings? And what about your family members who are fussy about what they eat, or have allergies or food intolerances? It can be difficult to be sure they’re getting all the nutrients they need to keep strong and healthy.

Fortunately, such questions can be addressed: in most cases, a daily food supplement can help cover possible deficits. Of course, this isn’t a substitute for whole foods, but it can compensate for possible gaps.

What we need

All children love tasty, chewy sweets – and many adults prefer their vitamins in chewable tablet form, too! So NUTRILITE™ has developed three products that everyone regardless of age will love, with ingredients that are grown, harvested and processed exclusively on our own certified sustainable farms.

NUTRILITE Chewable Multivitamins provides vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene in a pleasant orange-tasting food supplement. It contains NUTRILITE Tropical Fruit Concentrate with plant compounds from whole fruits, as well as vitamin C and zinc, iron and B vitamins.

Fun characters in our video help kids understand the vital role vitamins and minerals play

NUTRILITE Chewable C is derived from acerola cherries, one of the richest known sources of vitamin C, grown on our own NUTRILITE plantations to ensure quality. Each tablet contains premium acerola concentrate. Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and to collagen formation for correctly functioning gums and teeth.

Watch our video!

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