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Keep nutrition simple

Vitamins and Supplements

Too often our busy schedules force us to cut nutritional corners. Here is the hassle-free way to supplement your diet.

Take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, fix your hair, pack your bag, find your keys … and out the door. If this sounds like your morning routine, you’re certainly not alone. But with all that hectic activity, how will you find time for breakfast – particularly the kind of healthy and balanced breakfast that will give you energy for the day?

A natural boost

Rather than suffer through fatigue and stress, you should get a nutritious breakfast, even if time is short. NUTRILITE™ All Plant Protein is an entirely plant-based source of protein from soy, wheat and peas. You simply sprinkle the pre-measured dose of powder onto your food, or add it to milk and other drinks. All Plant Protein has no taste and won’t affect your enjoyment at all, but it does contain balanced amounts of all nine essential amino acids.

Since the body doesn’t store excess protein, you need a reliable, daily intake – this can come, for example, from lean meat, fish, eggs, milk and soy. Protein supports all kinds of vital functions in the body, and adults generally need between 45 and 75 grams per day. With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, All Plant Protein provides eight grams of natural and almost fat-free protein in every 10 gram serving.

Easy to use

It could hardly be simpler or quicker. Just add one scoop to drinks once (or several times) a day and stir vigorously, or shake in a closed container for about a minute. Alternatively, sprinkle it over cereals, soups or salads. In conjunction with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, the added protein can help maintain muscle mass and prevent muscle weakness and fatigue. What’s more, All Plant Protein has lower cholesterol than traditional protein-rich foods like cheese, eggs or full-cream milk.
You may be very active but tend to skip meals for lack of time, or you’re just not a meat-lover and concerned about getting enough protein. And we should all be cautious of the amounts of cholesterol and fat in our diets. In all of these cases, All Plant Protein is an excellent, simple solution. Enjoy the benefits of starting off the day the right way.

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