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Door-opening power

Active Lifestyle

Combine the power of two great products to open new doors.

With XSTM Power Drink you already have an excellent, young and dynamic product to offer clients and prospects. But why not go one step further and combine it with other products?

The best of two worlds

XS Power Drink and Mineral Sticks make a powerful match, supporting your unique active lifestyle. Get off to a great start in the day with XS, and let Mineral Sticks Magnesium and Zinc support you while you’re on the go!

Sugar free with a great taste

XS contains effective levels of B vitamins which contribute to a normal energy metabolism and can help reduce tiredness and exhaustion. XS also has great taste, zero sugar and a low calorie count.

Your daily mineral boost

Mineral sticks are the perfect companion to anyone leading an active lifestyle, providing you with your daily dose of important minerals.

Zinc contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails. Our tangy lemon- and orange-flavoured Mineral Sticks Zinc offer your daily dose – they’re especially helpful if you:

  1. have a hectic daily routine

  2. are facing extra-high levels of stress.

Whether you’re working, exercising or relaxing, magnesium helps contribute to the normal functioning of muscles and nerves, and can help reduce tiredness. Our lemon-flavoured Mineral Sticks Magnesium are especially helpful if you regularly experience:

  1. periods of high pressure/everyday stress

  2. frequent physical activity.

Open new doors

Use the great combination of XS Power Drink and Mineral Sticks to bridge the great powers of each product and open new doors in your network of customers!
And of course remember that a varied and balanced diet, as well as a healthy lifestyle, are important to help you stay healthy, fresh and fit.

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