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Get some positive energy in your day!

Active Lifestyle

Watch your sales take off with the launch of XS Power Drink. Available 1 November!

ABOs! Here is an exciting launch that will give you an entrée to the younger generation: XS™ Power Drink. With potent levels of B-vitamins mixed with caffeine, taurine and flavoured with an herbal blend of Chinese Ginseng and acai berry, XS Power Drink is designed to boost mental and physical energy.

Get ready to blast off!

Amway designed XS Power Drink to offer the younger generation a product they love, while giving ABOs a tool to introduce them to the benefits of vitamin supplementation and gently nudge, this often impulsive consumer group, towards NUTRILITE™ products. It's a promising demographic. Young people often have fewer financial responsibilities so have more disposable income. XS Power Drink provide a strong opportunity for Amway to engage this demographic with a surprising product line in a hip category designed especially for them! Easy to sell, XS Power Drink are a great door opener to a sometimes difficult-to-reach customer segment.

What makes us special

XS Power Drinks provide 100% of the recommended vitamin-B mix daily allowance. B-vitamins are important because they contribute to a normal energy-yielding metabolism, helping reduce tiredness and fatigue. The combination of caffeine and B-vitamins is what helps deliver a boost of energy to people with an active lifestyle. With a great taste, two invigorating flavours, no sugar and very few kilojoules, XS Power Drinks stand out from the crowd.

So just open a can, drink and enjoy!

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