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Get your children excited about healthy food

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Sometimes, as parents, we need to think of creative ways to inspire kids to enjoy healthier meals

If you have kids you know that they may have different preferences when it comes to mealtimes. One may prefer fish but no green veggies, whilst another may choose to eat bananas and no other fruit. When it’s time to feed them breakfast, lunch or dinner, the last thing you want is a time-consuming negotiation where you have to convince them to eat something on their plate just because it’s good for them. Wouldn’t it be great, if what you prepared was eaten without the unnecessary fussing and fighting?

Lead by example

Having regular family meals is important. During these meals, be an example to your kids by showing them that you enjoy eating your veggies. Kids are greatly influenced by their surroundings, so if they see their parents enjoying something they’re sceptical of, it gives them the necessary reinforcement they need to try it out for themselves.

Try new and exciting recipes

Preparing meals that are fun, tasty and nutritious can seem pretty daunting. We’ve got a couple of easy, wholesome recipes that contain require minimal effort.

© Andreas Zitt

If you’re looking for a colourful and healthy breakfast fruit bowl that your kids will love, see how to make the Colourful Smoothie Bowl recipe on Amagram or download this recipe as a PDF / ePub here.

© Andreas Zitt

For a fun breakfast idea that will brighten up your little one’s day, check out the Funny Toasts recipe on Amagram or download this recipe as a PDF / ePub here.

Involve them in the cooking

If your child is a fussy eater, try getting them to help out in the kitchen. They’re more likely to eat something that they’ve helped you prepare. It goes without saying that the task should be age-appropriate. For a toddler, cooking can be a great sensory experience, so let them smell and taste as you go along. For pre-schoolers, washing fruits and veggies or helping to stir ingredients is a great way to get them involved.

Expose them to a variety of healthy options

Let’s face it, a well-balanced diet can have a profound effect on the overall wellness of your child. Giving children a range of options when it comes to healthy meals or snacks makes it easier for them to find something they like. This makes the task of preparing their future meals much simpler. It also makes the experience of eating much more fun!

We’d love to see your take on our recipes. Share them with us on social media, using the hashtags: #NutriKids, #HappiestFarmOnEarth

1 – Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system in children.

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