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A batch of NUTRILITE supplements

Food supplement manufacturing is important

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Meet Supplier Quality Development Manager, Samuel Kilgore. He and his team are the people who ensure your favourite Nutrilite food supplements are of high quality, every time.

When you pick up your glass of water to take your daily food supplement – whether Nutrilite Double X multivitamin, Vitamin C Plus or anything else you use to support your healthy lifestyle – do you ever spare a thought to how it got to be in that rattling bottle of nutrients? Probably not. Food supplement manufacturing is rarely a topic that gets hearts racing. That is, of course, unless you are Samuel Kilgore. Besides his family, golf, skiing, camping, hiking and anything else that involves the outdoors, Sam cares deeply about quality. In fact, there’s a good chance that nobody in the world cares more about what happens to your Nutrilite food supplements and vitamins before they reach your door.

A batch of NUTRILITE supplements going through a supplement manufacturing setp

Sam is Supplier Quality Development Manager for the Nutrilite brand, which means he is responsible for the quality assurance of each tablet (and the high-quality ingredients therein) that makes it to your door. His job is simple: to ensure every one is in perfect condition – every time. And while assuring quality over a colossal manufacturing process – and for one of the world’s leading supplement manufacturers at that – may sound stressful, Sam loves his job.

“There’s a tremendous amount of science and engineering work that goes into designing and manufacturing Nutrilite products. And our ABOs and customers have high expectations,” he says. “I love working in quality. It is the best place to have visibility and influence over the full breadth of the process. In a lot ways, my team and I act as an interface between production and ABOs and customers, which is a major motivator for me.”

A facility of fierce manufacturing standards

As somebody deeply invested in the quality of Nutrilite nutrient-rich products, Sam knows exactly what it takes to manage a large-scale facility. “I think a good way to describe our approach to quality is, ‘trust but verify’,” he explains. “Our strong and comprehensive quality systems ensure that quality is designed into our products – from our qualification of suppliers and raw materials and ingredients, to our process and packaging controls. And, to ensure the materials and processes remain stable, we have strong programs for monitoring and oversight.”

In figures, this looks something like 500,000 quality checks a year – which equates to about one a minute. But, fear not, if the large number of tests and protocols fills your heart with suspicion. This is part of the efficient process to maintain quality and high standards. Sam also confirms that global supply chains are complex. “There are constant risks against which we need to be vigilant,” he explains. “We work hard to ensure our supplier partners are capable of maintaining traceability and sustaining high quality.” This goes quite deep, as every shipment of raw material, every ingredient and every batch of product can have small variations that can, ultimately, impact the final product. “So, our monitoring and testing programs are designed to ensure every unique batch will meet the expectations of our ABOs and customers,” he concludes with a smile.

NUTRILITE Quality Engineering Manager, Sam Kilgore

Above and beyond regular supplement manufacturing

“The favourite part of my job, and what gets me out of bed in the morning, is that I’m surrounded by talented and hard-working professionals who also know how to have fun!” Sam says, with a broad smile. He treasures his team and is as attentive to their work quality as he is to the quality of their work. “These days our silliness has had to move online into virtual gatherings, but we still find ways to keep it fun,” he adds. “Balancing work and fun in this way really helps us focus on our mission to deliver quality.”

Sam takes a minute to explain his team’s core responsibilities: “Our day-to-day work is focused on building quality into our new Nutrilite products, partnering with suppliers to deliver high-quality raw materials, and managing the quality components of our various programs,” he says. And while this list rolls off Sam’s tongue with exceptional lightness and ease, each of these steps is pivotal to retaining the quality the Nutrilite brand has come to be known for.

Not just a brand …

Nutrilite is the world’s #1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand*, not only because it’s the only global vitamin and food supplement company to grow and harvest on its own sustainable farms, but because of its consistent high standards. In fact, all Nutrilite-owned farms are certified organic under US law, and for the botanical ingredients used from partner farms, they use sustainable farming methods that are NutriCertTM certified. After all, formulating a Nutrilite supplement is one thing, but maintaining the quality during and after distribution is a true marker of a quality supplement manufacturer.

NUTRILITE supplements being packaged

And this is a responsibility that Sam and his team of experts take very seriously. From full specification testing, to process verification and validation and monitoring manufacturing quality, to keeping a close eye on customer complaint trends, they ensure that each of your favourite food supplements, whether Nutrilite Vitamin D or Vitamin B Plus Dual-Action, are manufactured to high standards. “The ultimate objectives of our quality programs are to set up the Nutrilite brand, our ABOs and customers for success,” Sam says. “And to make sure that we consistently deliver on our promise of quality.”

*Source: http://www.Euromonitor.com/amway-claims

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