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Support your way to healthier bones

Nutrition & Wellbeing

They are what separates you from a jellyfish, but have you ever given your bones any real thought? If not, here is what you can do to help maintain bone health.

As a framework of organs that help you move, produce red and white blood cells, and prevent your brain from landing on your lungs, bones are one of the most important parts of your body. Importantly, they also store minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which, in turn, keep them strong.

So, given their significance, how can you ensure that they remain in optimal health? The answer is simple: with a well-balanced diet rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin D – along with a side of regular physical exercise , of course!

Here are a few of our favourite iCook recipes , which contain a good mix of calcium, magnesium and other essential vitamins and minerals, to help you look after your health – and that of your bones. Best of all, you can prepare all of the recipes with the help of your iCook cookware and some are sure to win your kids’ hearts.

Avocado egg salad

This healthy avocado egg salad, which also doubles up as a spread, is great for breakfast or a snack. Avocado is a good source of healthy fats, while the eggs contain vitamin D – a key ingredient for maintaining healthy bones. The addition of fresh green leafy vegetables also provides a good intake of calcium and other vitamins and minerals.

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See how to make avocado egg salad on Amagram or download this recipe as a PDF / ePub here.

Rainbow salad

The best thing about this easy-to-make rainbow salad is not that it contains a wide variety of colourful and nutritional vegetables or that you’re likely to already have the ingredients at home, but that you can chop and change the ingredients to suit the contents of your fridge or pantry. Just use fresh vegetables and you’re good to go. Not to mention that no cooking is required – only chopping and mixing!

And, since it contains a lot of colourful ingredients, your kids are likely to love its brightness. If they’re not convinced, try serving it in the shape of a rainbow to see if you can win them over.

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See how to make rainbow salad on Amagram or download this recipe as a PDF / ePub here.

Vegetable risotto

As you may already know, cheese is a great source of calcium. And, when you make this tasty vegetable risotto, you’ll see there’s some real cheesy goodness inside! More importantly, it contains a variety of healthy vegetables filled with nutrients like magnesium, as well as fibre. Just like the rainbow salad, there’s also a good chance you’ll already have some of these ingredients at home.

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See how to make vegetable risotto on Amagram or download this recipe as a PDF / ePub here.

Granola bars

These delicious granola bars are sure to be a hit for kids and adults alike. Not only are they a great source of protein and nutrients, including calcium and magnesium, but they’re super easy to make – and delicious.

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See how to make granola bars on Amagram or download this recipe as a PDF / ePub here.

Help maintain bone health with NUTRILITE

If you feel your diet is lacking nutrients that support bones, or you would like to make sure you get enough nutrients, Nutrilite can help. The combination of calcium and magnesium in NUTRILITE Cal Mag D Plus helps to maintain normal bones, while the vitamin D supports the absorption of calcium. If you’re concerned about your children consuming enough nutrients, NUTRILITE also has great options for your little ones.

The yummy NUTRILITE Kids Omega-3 mixed-fruit soft chews not only provide sustainably sourced essential fatty acids from fish oil, but the addition of vitamin D also offers support for the normal growth and development of bones.

Remember, when you maintain a healthy diet and regular physical exercise, you’re on the path to overall good health. Keep it up!

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