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Understanding food supplement needs

Nutrition & Wellbeing

What truly matters when selecting the right food and dietary supplements? Hint: it’s probably not what you think.

Calcium, vitamins B12 , C, D, folic acid, amino acids, fatty acids, omega-3 – there is an endless list of ingredients that pops up whenever the topic of food supplement needs arises. But what if we told you to think beyond minerals or vitamins, to ensure that what you put in your body not only supports your health through nutrition, but is made from ingredients you can trust. What if we challenged you to think about who made your food supplements?

In this series, we will take you on a virtual seed-to-supplement journey, to help you uncover the NUTRILITETM approach to health and nutrition. This first instalment will look at how you can determine which food supplements to take, by looking at things from a slightly different perspective.

Which food supplements to take?

© Andrew Maguire

No matter our lifestyle, most of us have one thing in common: when selecting the right food supplement to complete a balanced diet, we scan packaging for crucial vitamins and minerals. It seems logical, except one very important step is missed – figuring out where it came from.

The truth is, before you look for the right plant-based supplements to fill potential gaps, vitamin D to help avoid deficiencies in winter, summer or when indoors, vitamin C to support your immunity or all plant protein to support your vegan diet – you need to give more than a passing thought to the way it was made. After all, not all food supplements were created equal and not all companies in the supplement industry have the same approach. So, when getting to the bottom of your food supplement needs, it’s a good idea to start by understanding the full journey. Here is ours…

NUTRILITE heritage: nature and science in harmony

© Brian Guido, Andrew Maguire

More than 80 years ago, before sustainability became popular, before anybody talked about plant-based anything and when multivitamins were still relatively new, Dr Carl Rehnborg formed a groundbreaking philosophy. While living in China, he had observed that people who enjoyed a plant-based diet, drawn from real food sources, fared better than those who didn’t. This led him to research and identify plant compounds, to develop not only one of the first multivitamins, but also a philosophy that combined nature and science.

Since those very early days, NUTRILITE has never wavered. To this day the brand continues to care about soil, plants and seeds, as well as noted scientific research. What’s perhaps even more powerful, however, are the people – the farmers and scientists – who come together to keep this heritage alive.

I made your food supplement

We live in a time when growing food at home – or even in the neighbourhood – is no longer the standard. However, it’s important to know who grows, harvests, creates and packages the things that make up your diet – regardless if animal product, vegetable, mineral or daily supplement.

Because of this, and because the best stories are always told through human experiences, we’d like to take you one step closer to the muscles and the brains that form the NUTRILITE approach. Over the coming months, we will take you on a virtual journey from the fields of Brazil and Mexico where Joaquim Duran and Alberto Vega tend to sustainable farms, into Alli Klosner’s lab, where she spends lots of time peering intently into test tubes to assess everything from nutrient content to potential health benefits and the quality control line where Samuel Kilgore stands guard over NUTRILITE vitamins and food supplements on the last leg of their journey.

Throughout this series, we’ll take you deeper than ever before, so you can hear from the real people who keep the NUTRILITE standards alive. So the next time you’re wondering which food supplement to take – whether to help with your bone health, support your immune system, provide additional vitamins or aid the supplementation of essential nutrients in your diet – you’ll know that NUTRILITE can be trusted to keep you and your family safe.

Ready to start this journey? Watch this space!

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