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Reduce the signs of ageing skin from the inside

Nutrition & Wellbeing

An easy-to-take dual solution offers all-day protection from oxidative stress

Life is full of challenges – and over the years we are also exposed to various conditions and scenarios that collectively have an impact on how we look and feel. Our relationships and personal and professional lives fill our calendars to the point that we have little time to do anything beneficial for ourselves. As we reach our thirties, our day-to-day decisions around our lifestyle, skincare and diet become even more visible on our skin.

Fight against free radicals

What factors accelerate the ageing process of our skin?

  1. Stress – This may affect us right now, with adrenalin-pumping events or worry about professional or personal situations – as life becomes more intricate with age. Stress can also hit us in retrospect – some of us shine under pressure but once the relief of accomplishment sets in, our skin tells us it was all too much – in the language of blemishes and dry patches, plus a few extra lines.

  2. Lack of sleep – Sometimes we try to grab more of those 24 hours in the day to get things done instead of partaking in much-needed rest. Continuing to work well after bedtime or getting up after just a few hours of sleep takes its toll, with evidence being dark circles under the eyes and a dull complexion.

  3. Indoor pollution – Hidden aggressors within our own cosy households may not have an impact in tiny daily doses but accumulate over time to affect our skin’s look and feel. Examples are cooking vapours, and residues or emissions from products and materials in the home – including textiles and wall paints.

  4. Diet and lifestyle choices – Those of us with a busy lifestyle drink too many caffeinated beverages or reach for sweet and salty snacks to keep going through the day. Perhaps we’re not as physically active as we should be either, which can create a build-up of toxins, making skin sluggish. Those who smoke add yet more years to their complexion.

Value and protect yourself

One simple way to help address all these challenges and keep your skin looking great, is a ready-made two-part solution to protect it from the inside out. TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE Oxibeauty™ consists of a drink and a supplement to be taken daily. The two-part solution is to ensure you get all the protection you need right through the day.

In the morning, take two of the TRUVIVITY Oxibeauty beauty solution tablets with a little water to create a protective buffer from free radicals for the day. Pack a sachet of the TRUVIVITY Oxibeauty Drink in your bag to take with you during the day. The Drink supports your body’s protection against oxidative stress. Whether you’re at home, in an office or elsewhere, you can simply dissolve the sachet in a glass of water and sip it – easy!

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A whole new beginning

Taking the drink and supplement are a great way to feed your complexion so it shines on the outside. This gives you renewed confidence and is a perfect way to kick-start other fresh habits. For instance, try going to bed one hour earlier for the next few days and see how renewed it makes you feel. Incorporate more fresh produce into your diet with simple homemade smoothies. Drink a glass of water every hour over the day. Use time while brushing teeth or hanging laundry to do some stretches. Stick to some new wholesome habits and before long they will become part of your regular day – with benefits to your entire appearance!

Ingredients to glow

The TRUVIVITY Oxibeauty Drink has a lovely fruity flavour thanks to aronia berry, but also comprises vitamin E which helps support your skin against oxidative stress and the PhytoBeauty™ Complex containing chamomile and blackcurrant.

The beauty solution contains aronia berry and sage – the PhytoVibrant™ Complex – which help bolster your skin’s ability to guard against damage from free radicals. In addition, copper helps regulate your complexion’s natural pigmentation.

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