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Concocting the perfect smoothie

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Ever wondered how you go from a bag of groceries to a delicious (and nutritious) any-time-of-the-day treat? Wonder no more – we break down the perfect smoothie. Psst ... it’s easier than you think

Smoothies have revolutionised the way we think about fruit and vegetable consumption – but why the hype? They’re tasty and convenient, sure, but if you avoid sugar or sweetened additives, you’ll not only get to enjoy the flavour perks, but some nutritional benefits as well – all year round. So the question remains: what goes into the perfect smoothie?

We have some thoughts and, to help you get a bit of practice, two delicious smoothie recipes to get you started. Scroll until the end!

1. Up your liquid intake

What: water, milk, milk replacement, coconut water or yoghurt

Ratio: 25% to 50% of these fluid ingredients make your smoothie both nourishing and hydrating

Why: Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is absolutely crucial for your well-being as it, among many other things, delivers oxygen through the body, cushions the brain, regulates body temperature and lubricates joints. According to Healthline, drinking water in the morning is particularly important as it rehydrates the body after sleep, increases alertness and helps to fuel the brain. Smoothies, which contain liquid ingredients, help to replenish your fluids.

Additional tip: Fruit and vegetables have a naturally high concentration of water, which also helps to increase the fluid component of your smoothie.

2. The whole fruit and nothing but the fruit

What: fruit and vegetables

Ratio: 50% to 75% of your smoothie can be made up of natural produce

Why: Fruit and vegetables lose important vitamins and minerals when cooked. As such, using raw ingredients in your smoothies provides a wealth of benefits, particularly micronutrient-rich greens. Using the entire fruit or vegetable – including skin, pulp and even seeds – is also highly beneficial as they provide extra phytochemicals and nutrients, such as fibre. The World Health Organization emphasises the importance of consuming a wide variety of uncooked, unprocessed foods in order to obtain the right amount of essential nutrients.

Additional tip: Brighten up your diet with a range of colours and ensure you receive a range of nutrients.

3. Added sustenance

What: healthy additions like nuts, seeds, oils, protein, fibre

Amount: Just 1 tablespoon of either protein or fibre is all you need to make a daily difference to your diet – and ready-made food supplements make it even easier!

Why: The hearty goodness included in smoothies – particularly protein and fibre – helps you to stay fuller for longer. Studies show that skipping breakfast is associated with an increased prevalence of obesity and people that skip the first meal of the day are at greater risk of developing metabolic syndrome. With their range of filling ingredients, smoothies are a great way to fuel your body with energy in the morning and prevent you from snacking until the next meal.

Additional tip: NUTRILITE™ food supplement powders can add a nourishing pep to your smoothies without altering their scrumptious flavour.
All Plant Protein provides your body with a daily intake of nine essential amino acids through plant-based proteins. Fibre Powder is a great source of plant-sourced dietary fibre to support your vital functions.

4. Time to practice

Add some summer feeling and power to your day! Try these nutrient-packed, so-easy-to-make smoothie recipes. And watch this space for more recipes!

Pure Power Smoothie: Download this recipe here as PDF / as an ePub

Summer Smoothie: Download this recipe here as PDF / as an ePub

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