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One for busy professionals

Nutrition & Wellbeing

A nutritional solution created for your fast-paced life

Time doesn’t slow down for anyone. But, as a young professional, you wouldn’t want it to. You thrive in the fast lane – work hard and play hard. Ambition, fearlessness and determination drive you to make the most of every minute. You enjoy being in control of your destiny and your future and know that, with the right approach, you can have it all: good health, energy, success, friendships and unforgettable experiences.

But, to fulfil your goals, you need your body to be at its optimum. At the end, your body is your home for a lifetime. To help support you in this, NUTRILITE™ has created three ForMe Kits: the Daily Shine Kit, Immunity Kit and In Charge Kit. Each is focused on a critical area suited to busy lifestyles – radiant skin, immunity support and vitality – and packed with vitamins and minerals, so you can continue to reach new heights with confidence.

The Daily Shine Kit

Give your skin the support it needs to shine as brightly as you do. With a balance of essential vitamins and minerals, including NUTRILITE Daily, NUTRILITE Lecithin E and NUTRILITE Biotin C Plus the Daily Shine Kit helps to nourish your complexion from inside out, to keep you looking refreshed and radiant. Let’s have a look at the product heroes:

  1. NUTRILITE Daily includes vitamin B2 and iodine, which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin.

  2. NUTRILITE Lecithin E contains vitamin E and lecithin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, while lecithin acts as a natural emulsifier of fatty substances as well as a good source of choline.

  3. NUTRILITE Biotin C Plus offers a unique combination of biotin, vitamin C and collagen, which work together to help maintain healthy skin and hair.

The Immunity Kit

Do you live a high-energy, fast-paced lifestyle with a lot to do and little time to spare? The Immunity Kit will help you stay on the go by maintaining your body’s natural defences with key nutrients. The fantastic duo kit is packed with NUTRILITE Vitamin C Plus and Mineral Sticks Zinc. Let’s have a look how these supplements can help maintain your immunity:

  1. Vitamin C Plus contains vitamin C, which plays a role in the normal function of the immune system with antioxidant support, and contributes to collagen formation for the skin. It has also been designed to provide a slow release of vitamin C into the body to maximise its absorption.

  2. The zinc, found in the Mineral Sticks Zinc, can help boost your immune system and also help maintain skin, hair and nails.

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