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Introducing: Mighty Flex!

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Meet the Nutrilite falcon who watches over the Happiest Farm on Earth

Every farm needs a protector for times when pests, like naughty birds, get mischievous and attack the crops. Since clever little birds soon work out that scarecrows can’t move, many farms use falcons as security guards.

Mighty Flex serves as the strong supervisor of the Happiest Farm on Earth – a sustainable farm that grows plants for NUTRILITE TM supplements. His superpowers are strength and agility, which allow him to always perform at his best.

Because of his special role, Mighty Flex understands the importance of getting the right nutrients to grow healthy, happy and strong. He knows that these let him play and have exciting adventures with Perfect Harmony and their other friends, at the sustainable Nutrilite Farm.

Healthy is as healthy does

Even though children can’t fly, and falcons don’t have the fine motor skills to tie shoelaces, they do have one thing in common: strength. Mighty Flex needs his strength to soar, glide and swoop all day long. Likewise, children need their strength to run, jump and lead busy, active lives.

Luckily, the Nutrilite falcon knows that NUTRILITE Chewable Cal Mag is a great – and tasty – way to support the development of strong, healthy bones. Free from artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours and preservatives, and packed with calcium sourced from oyster shells, it was specifically designed for children over the age of four. Just two tablets a day deliver:

  1. Calcium to support normal growth and development of bones

  2. Calcium and magnesium that contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth

  3. Magnesium to help support normal muscle and nervous system function

Fun DIY!

Want to help your little ones keep their teeth in optimal health? This nifty Mighty Flex craft allows them to turn their NUTRILITE Kids Chewable CalMag bottle into a toothbrush holder:

  1. Print and cut out the Mighty Flex template , then follow the instructions within.

  2. That’s it! Did you also try our last DIY project ? Post all your results and tag them with #nutrikids #happiestfarmonearth on Instagram

Watch this space to meet the other Happiest Farm on Earth residents, including a brand-new character and NUTRILITE Kids product!

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