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The power of plants

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Our nutrition brand’s experts know what’s good for you

As we’ve learnt, Carl F. Rehnborg discovered the benefits of plant extracts to our wellbeing as far back as the 1940s. In the years since, Nutrilite scientists have delved more deeply into the nature of these compounds derived from the plant world, now well-known as phytonutrients.

The Nutrilite team became trailblazers in phytonutrient research during the 1990s and seized the opportunity to put their findings to excellent use by the 2000s – they gave the formula of the brand’s hero product, NUTRILITE™ DOUBLE X™, a complete overhaul.

New millennium, new formula

The 2000 DOUBLE X formula comprised the additions of lutein, lycopene, as well as plant concentrates, such as brassica dehydrate, spirulina and citrus bioflavonoids.

Just six years later, this key food supplement got another major upgrade. By this time, the variety of plant extracts and concentrates expanded to 23, to include beneficial fruits like blueberries and pomegranate, and nutrient-rich kale. Aromatic herbs, such as oregano, were also blended into the formula at this time.

The scientists’ knowledge and expertise had by now successfully contributed to a food supplement containing nutrients with targeted benefits to the body, thus supporting diverse functions. This meant taking DOUBLE X helped boost our wellbeing by helping to cover a wide range of potential gaps in nutrition.

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NUTRILITE DOUBLE X helps us to get through more demanding life phases

Knowledge for further success

Of course, the scientists didn’t just stop their research there! Their fascination with phytonutrients continued – and at great speed. By 2008, they established the Functional Target Library, a robust database of plant compounds and their bioactivity – a huge boon for further reformulations of DOUBLE X. Scientists could now select from hundreds of plants or plant combinations with documented activities to find the perfect blend for the product.

Between 2000 and 2010, the global reach of our hero product had almost quadrupled – sales extended across 50 countries and regions around the world. The new, unprecedented formula – along with the encouragement of medical scientists and public health experts to increase our intake of fruits and vegetables, specifically to improve our wellbeing – all contributed to the roaring success of this food supplement – success which goes on and on!

Fascinating facts

We are currently celebrating the product’s 70th anniversary, but no doubt many more celebrations and amazing milestones are to come! Be sure to tell your customers:

  1. Carl F. Rehnborg discovered the power of plant nutrients in China in 1915

  2. DOUBLE X used to be called XX – indicating its initial 20 USD price

  3. The first Nutrilite acerola cherry farms were established in Hawaii in the 1950s

  4. Prestigious endorsements of this hero product were established in sport and even Hollywood

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