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Peak performance

Nutrition & Wellbeing

Overcome demands on energy levels and eyes with some handy tips

Winter is almost over and the new Performance Year is fast approaching. The kids need attention for preparing them to go back to school. Older teenagers may be nervous about their final exams as this will ensure their first year at university and need your support. On top of all this, you still want to keep up with your fitness routine.

Full-on phases are exciting but also stressful – and place extra demands on our energy and concentration.

In general, make sure you get enough sleep – important always, but especially if you need to be alert or on the go all day. Eat a balanced diet and try not to eat late in the evening, so your body isn’t busy with digestion overnight, making you exhausted the following day.

Better with B vitamins

If you really need a boost, then reaching for a short-lived energy jolt from caffeine or sugar isn’t the answer at times like this – a sustained release of energy is much more helpful to maintain your physical stamina, as well as your mood.

Give your eyes a break!

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Yoga International advises us to give our eyes a workout: Cover your eyes with the palms of your hands; roll your eyes in different directions; shift your focus between different points and look out in the distance to challenge your visual functions.

We rely on our eyesight for most of the day. From checking emails, chatting with friends on WhatsApp, to helping children with homework and then reading or watching TV in the evenings, our eyes are in great demand. To ensure their normal function for many years to come, we should take care of them.

  1. Eye rest get at least seven hours’ sleep and switch off digital devices about an hour before bedtime. This will rest your mind as well as easing the strain on your tired eyes. Blink frequently to naturally lubricate your eyes, but if you work in a dry, air-conditioned building, use drops occasionally to help your peepers with this process.

  2. Eye yoga – see our breakout box for tips supplied by Yoga International

  3. Eye candy – take a daily food supplement specially developed to support your normal vision, such as NUTRILITE Bilberry with Lutein.

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