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A winning formula

Nutrition & Wellbeing

How a key food supplement beat worldwide competition – and is now celebrating 70 years of success!

By the 1990s, fifty years since its launch, leading multivitamin/multimineral/phytonutrient supplement NUTRILITE DOUBLE X™ was already a household name. Advanced research into new vitamins and in particular phytonutrients during the 1990s saw this leading brand beat its competitors in several ways at the time – and still it continues to thrive.

Head start

NUTRILITE was already way ahead of other brands, thanks to Carl F. Rehnborg making his discoveries in phytonutrients in the 1940s, although he named them “associated food factors” at the time. Five decades later, the main ingredient of NUTRILITE products was made up of six plant concentrates: alfalfa, watercress, parsley, spinach, carrot and acerola, all of which were grown on either Nutrilite or NutriCert** sustainable farms.

Perfect package

In addition, the brand developed new vacuum-sealed foil packaging to retain and stabilise the potent but fragile goodness of these phytonutrients. This was cutting-edge packaging design for the supplements industry at this time.

The packaging was also attractive – the 1994 label of DOUBLE X was a beautiful watercolour image of Lakeview Farm in California, where alfalfa and other plant ingredients in the product are grown. In the background, Mount San Jacinto towers over the fields with its dual peaks that inspired its apt nickname: DOUBLE X Mountain.

Athletic endorsement

Finally, besides the vessels for these food supplements being highly functional and beautiful to look at, they also bore the logo for the National Basketball Association in the US. This was a major endorsement for a food supplement product – and it didn’t stop there. In the years that followed, Olympic competitors, famous swimmers, runners and soccer teams were all keen to emphasise the importance of a balanced diet alongside an active lifestyle to support our wellbeing, including taking DOUBLE X food supplement to cover gaps in our nutrition.

No wonder, with all these great assets and advantages, NUTRILITE produces bestselling supplements, such as its hero product, DOUBLE X*. In fact, we are currently celebrating a whole seven decades of success for this continually cutting-edge food supplement!

Tell your customers about Carl F. Rehnborg’s amazing legacy , the network of sustainable farms or the DOUBLE X endorsements by Hollywood and the world of sport during your next product presentation.

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited. Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, World, GBN, Retail Value RSP, % breakdown, 2016
** NutriCert is an exclusive agricultural certification programme which ensures all NUTRILITE partner farms adhere to the exact same strict procedures to ensure high standards in both quality and sustainability

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