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Seeds of success

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A global network of sustainable farms produces crops for a flourishing brand

Did you know NUTRILITETM is the only global vitamin and dietary supplement brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified sustainable farms?* The establishment of these farms and their rigorous research and agricultural practices began way back in the 1950s.

Sustainable farming

Sustainable activities at the farms let nature control nature. Toxic insecticides or pesticides are forbidden. Instead, natural predators, such as ladybirds, are introduced to crops to control pests, such as the greenflies. Resident falcons catch other unwanted vermin.

The reputation for this high quality and respect for nature has no doubt contributed to the success of the NUTRILITE brand and NUTRILITE DOUBLE XTM, now celebrating its 70th anniversary.

NUTRILITE farms – a timeline

1950s–1970s – the first acerola cherry farms were established in Hawaii in the 1950s, but were then moved to Puerto Rico in the late 1970s; Lakeview Farm in California was purchased by NUTRILITE and was the crown jewel of the brand’s farming operations until 2013.

1980s–1990s – DOUBLE X Food Supplement, backed by Amway Corporation marketing, represented half of all NUTRILITE product sales in 1984.
Plans were in place to go international. The product’s growing popularity triggered an impressive expansion in farming operations to supply plant concentrates, including acerola, alfalfa, watercress and parsley. Land was purchased in Brazil in 1998 to grow more acerola and other tropical fruits.

2000 onwards – Many of the main duties of Lakeview Farm – growing high yields of alfalfa and other core crops — were moved to Trout Lake Farm in Washington state. Today, this is the largest certified sustainable herb farm in the US, where up to 70 botanicals are grown. The Brazil farm has thrived, making it one of the largest acerola farms in the world.

Carl’s legacy

All NUTRILITE farms in Mexico, Brazil and the US are now certified as sustainable. NutriCert™ is an exclusive agricultural certification programme which ensures that all partner farms adhere to the exact same strict procedures to ensure high standards in both quality and sustainability – this is the legacy of NUTRILITE Founder Carl F. Rehnborg and the standards he originally set out to achieve seven decades ago. Together, the NUTRILITE farms and over 90 NutriCert sustainable farms around the world – on every continent except Antarctica – form an expansive global network and source of crops for NUTRILITE food supplements.

Read more about the NUTRILITE farms, their history, crops and sustainable practices on the NUTRILITE European website and in the Amway Nutrition Manual, which is available for download from the Amway website and through the Amway Kiosk via iTunes and Google Play.

*Euromonitor International Limited.
Based on a 2016 review of global vitamin and dietary supplement manufacturers, their ownership of the entire production process, from farm to manufacturing, in addition to sustainable certification of products.

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