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3 top tips for a braai

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We reveal the best braaing tips and a side salad recipe for low-stress outdoor entertaining.

A braai is acceptable for ANY occasion

A braai (barbeque) is not only reserved for a Summer Day, it's an any and every day celebration of life. That's right. Birthday braai, going away braai, welcome home braai, a Wednesday night just to get a few friends together braai, a graduation braai, housewarming braai, these are all perfectly acceptable times to have a braai.
​It’s also the perfect social event to gather your ABO group to bond or celebrate recent achievements. Read on for a few easy tips that can turn your backyard or rooftop fest into a relaxing yet impressive event. Need some recipe ideas for a side dish? No stress, scroll down past our hosting tips for an easy recipe that is sure to be a hit!

1) Keep the food simple

Prepare as much as possible in advance and cook most of it on the grill. Side dishes, like grilled corn and pasta salad (see recipe below) are perennial favourites. Not only that, they keep your kitchen time minimal and don’t break the budget.

2) Create an atmosphere

Set the stage for a perfect day or night. A few candle lamps (LEDs make for a worry-free event) and a string of lights along a garden fence or balcony railing can go the distance to create a mood. For a day party, dust off the badminton rackets or croquet set for a bit of healthy competition. If children are invited, be sure there are a few age-appropriate crafts or games so everyone enjoys the event.

3) Use the right tools

Remember to provide your guests with plenty of water. The iCook™ 5-Piece Knife Set and the iCook Basic Set are designed for great control and stability. The iCook Petty Knife, which has a 5-inch blade, is best for boning meats and trimming fat. The sets come with a storage tray for protection that allows you to easily identify each knife. Nothing puts off guests like a dirty grill, so clean it with L.O.C.™ Metal Cleaner to make it sparkle.

Grill party pasta salad

Serves 6

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  1. 3 packs pre-made fresh tortellini (approx. 225 g)

  2. 150 g rocket

  3. 3 handfuls of pine nuts (roasted or plain)

  4. 2 handfuls of sun-dried tomatoes

  5. 12 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil AMWAY™ da Carapelli

  6. 3 tbsp pesto Genovese (classic basil pesto)

  7. Sea salt

  8. Black pepper

1. Use the iCook 4-Litre Stock Pot to heat the tortellini in boiling salted water, according to the packet instructions. The iCook 4-Litre Stock Pot Steamer can be used to drain the tortellini and let it cool until lukewarm. Wash and spin-dry the rocket. Roast the pine nuts in an ungreased pan. Use your favourite iCook knife to cut the dried tomatoes into wide strips. Stir olive oil in with the pesto.

2. Mix the lukewarm tortellini with pine nuts, dried tomatoes and pesto-oil. Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with rocket and serve as a delicious side to the grilling festivities. Tip: Sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese over the top.

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