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Gleaming glassware

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How a new improved formula will ensure your glasses keep their shine

They must be clean, as they’ve just been through a dishwashing cycle – at a high temperature for a whole hour! Yet, sometimes, when we unload the dishwasher, we look at our glass bowls and tumblers and notice that they look worse rather than better after having been cleaned.

Etching on our glasses is created not only by friction during the cycle, but it also comes from dishwashing detergents being immersed in soft water – and it’s irreversible. This, along with staining caused by detergent residues, makes you question the idea of putting that worn-out-looking glass to your lips ever again! Many of us accept this etching and staining as the norm these days, along with some domestic frustration, at least grateful that we no longer need to wash up after meals by hand.

Improved performance

Dish Drops Automatic Dishwasher Tablets

(Item No. 109867 - 60 tablets)

Fortunately, the AMWAY HOMETM Research team have been looking into this problem and have found some answers – so we, and our customers, can all use our dishwashers with confidence and be proud to bring our glassware out of the cupboard again.

The original DISH DROPSTM Tabs formula has been improved and patented with a unique spot-reducing system – so whether your water is hard or soft, the staining and filming you associated with using your dishwasher will be history. The new formula also reduces the likelihood of etching ever ruining your glassware, as it’s been engineered to improve its performance in soft water.

More convenience, less packaging

In the newly packaged Automatic Dishwasher Tablets the powder has been pressed into easy-to-use tabs in dissolvable wrappers and this means that you don’t even have to touch the detergent or remove any film. Another reason to switch to these new tabs is that they’re more environmentally friendly compared to their predecessors: they’re presented in packaging that’s more compact than before; yet, you will still get 60 tabs in one box! You will also get outstanding performance with these tabs on just a 40-degree setting on your dishwasher – so you can save on your energy bills!

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