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Highly effective laundry cleaning solutions

Home Care

Different fabrics and different stains need different cleaning solutions. Heavily soiled baby or work wear requires a powerful cleaner to remove the dirt, just like a silk blouse needs a cleanser that won’t damage its delicate natural fibre. Amway has developed AMWAY HOME™ SA8, a range of eight highly effective laundry detergents that will leave your laundry soft and fresh without causing skin irritation to even the tiniest member of your family. AMWAY HOME™ laundry products are scientifically formulated to give the best possible result whilst respecting the environment, your clothes and your skin.

SA8 Premium – the all-rounder

The AMWAY HOME flagship laundry detergent is the citrus-scented SA8 Premium Laundry Powder, which works equally well on whites and colours. “Our powder is different to competing powders in two key ways,” explains Amway Homecare research scientist, Steve Brouwer. “It does not contain a synthetic water softener and is low-foam, which makes for better cleaning and easier rinsing. Some competitors use anionic surfactants, which produce more foam and require higher doses.” More information is available on the Amway Home Product Demonstrations DVD; also called the WOW DVD (Item No. 250228).

Brighter fabrics

The AMWAY HOME SA8 Colour Powder Detergent is bleach-free and helps keep coloured fabrics looking brighter for longer. SA8 Colour also has a special ingredient to prevent fibers forming the little bobbles that make clothing look faded and an additive to keep dyes from transferring.

Easy on skin

Laundering baby clothing is a real challenge. Not only do you want a thorough wash to remove all stains, you also want to use something that is suitable for fragile skin. AMWAY HOME SA8 Baby is tough on stains yet also approved by paediatricians and dermatologists. “Babies are tiny ‘stain machines’ so their clothes need all the cleaning help they can get,” says Steve. “Odd as it may sound, SA8 Baby is our strongest cleaning detergent. We balance this strong on stains/gentle on skin positioning by ensuring that our powder detergent doesn’t leave any leftovers on clothes.”

For liquid-loving consumers

For those who prefer a laundry liquid to powders, AMWAY HOME SA8 Concentrated Liquid Detergent is ideal. This product is a lightly-scented, general purpose detergent containing natural fabric softeners. It is suitable for whites and colours at high and low temperatures. “We add a little bit of coconut soap to the liquid formula,” says Steve. “If you have hard or mineral-rich water the coconut soap functions like a fabric softener so your clothes don’t feel so stiff when they dry.”

Tender, loving care

AMWAY HOME SA8 Delicate does not contain any enzymes that can harm protein-based silk and wool fibers. This makes it well suited to special items that need extra care. It contains plant-sourced ingredients that make it suitable for use on natural fibers and fabrics now widely used in specialised sportswear. SA8 Delicate can be used at hot and cool temperatures and for hand washing as it has a controlled foaming formula that reduces when washing by hand.

Pre-wash products

Not all stains come out easily in the wash, and for those deeply ingrained stains AMWAY HOME has the SA8 PreWash Spray and boosters to remove even the most difficult stains. SA8 PreWash Spray helps you to remove dirt on all colour-fast fabrics without having to soak and scrub beforehand. “PreWash Spray is unique because it is just solvent and surfactant. Some products in the pre-spotter category have water as 90% of the formula. Ours has no water. Try removing chewing gum from your clothes with competing products – and then try ours. That is why ours costs a bit more,” says Steve.

Tackling stubborn stains

Dark stains often need the powerful action of bleach to remove them. SA8 All Fabric Bleach is a sweet-scented, 99.5% oxygen bleach with enough whitening strength to remove tea, coffee, juice, wine and dye stains. Some rival products contain only around 40% bleach. The AMWAY HOME SA8 All Fabric Bleach can be used as a detergent booster or as a pre-soak and is also suitable for cleaning surfaces such as worktops. For people who find pre-spotting heavily stained clothes before washing is too time consuming, AMWAY HOME SA8 Tri-Zyme is perfect. Its triple enzyme cleaning system takes on the most stubborn stains. Simply use it as a pre-wash soak or in tandem with an SA8 detergent product to boost the performance.

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