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Water for life

Home Care

eSpring is essential to delivering good, clean water to you and your family.

According to the United Nations, water quality has become a global issue: “Every day, millions of tons of inadequately treated sewage and industrial and agricultural wastes are poured into the world’s waters. Every year, lakes, rivers and deltas take in the equivalent of the weight of the entire human population – nearly 7 billion people – in the form of pollution. Every year, more people die from the consequences of unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war – and the greatest impacts are on children under the age of five. The quality of the world’s water is increasingly threatened as human populations grow, industrial and agricultural activities expand, and as climate change threatens to alter the global hydrologic cycle.”

Clean and safe water is essential to the survival of all living organisms. In humans, it plays a critical role in virtually all of our organs and five crucial bodily functions: cell life, chemical and metabolic reactions, the transport of nutrients, regulating body temperature and eliminating waste.

It contributes also to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions and to the maintenance of normal regulation of the body’s temperature.

Advanced technology

The eSpring™ Water Treatment System is the result of 20 years of research in water treatment technology. It was designed and developed by Amway engineers and scientists, who have more than 270 water treatment patents worldwide granted or pending.

The special UV lamp in eSpring destroys more than 99.99% of potential disease-causing water-borne bacteria and viruses, and its US-patented multi-stage carbon filter effectively removes the smell and taste of chlorine, particulates and more than 140 possible health-affecting contaminants.

Water you can trust

The eSpring Water Treatment System was the first system on the market to meet three major NSF International/ANSI water quality standards.

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