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Home Care

Tidy up your sales pitch with the AMWAY HOME Surface Care Quick Reference Table and the AMWAY HOME Product Demonstration DVD (WOW DVD Item No. 250228) .

The Amway story began more than 50 years ago with the L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Its performance and versatility are legendary. Our complete surface range, now with the BIOQUEST FORMULA™ continues this impressive performance and cleans surfaces brilliantly without dangerous fumes or harmful residues. There’s a solution for every mess, on every surface, in every room of the house, contributing to a healthier home for all, while being certified environmentally safe.

AMWAY HOME Surface Care Reference Table

ProductsPackage sizeSurfacesDilution ratioSpecial notes/usage
L.O.C. Multi-Purpose Cleaner250ml and 1L• Floors • Glazed tiles • Sinks • Sealed marble • Cupboards • Appliances • Washable walls • Counters • Painted woodBucket

9:1• Anti-Residue • Streak-free • Use undiluted as hand cleaner to remove grease and dirt: wash hands and rinse
L.O.C. Glass Cleaner500ml• Windows • Mirrors • Windscreens • Glass computer screens • Plasma flat-screen TVs3:1• Anti-residue • Streak-free • Cleaning ingredients derived from plants • Effectively degreases glass surfaces
L.O.C. Kitchen Cleaner500ml• Non-porous, sealed kitchen surfaces (incl. countertops, domestic appliances, sinks, counters, stovetops)3:1• Fresher greener colour • Anti-residue • No-rinse formula • Effectively degreases kitchen surfaces
L.O.C. Soft Cleanser500ml• Bathroom ceramic surfaces • Showers • Toilets • Plastic bathtubs • Aluminium • Chrome • Fibreglassn/a• Gentle abrasives ensure scratch-free performance • Contains natural orange oil to attack tough grease
L.O.C. Metal Cleaner200ml• Pots and pans made from stainless steel • Copper and solid brass (non-mirror finish) n/a• Non-caustic • Gentle on hands • Do not use on mirror finish surfaces or stainless steel appliances
L.O.C. Towelettes4 packs of 24• Washable surfaces, blot stains on colour-fast n/a• Use to blot spills or stains • Use as hand cleaner: rub hands with towelette and air dry • Do not flush down toilet
L.O.C. Wipes2 x canisters, 2 x wipe rolls and labels• Dependent on surface cleaner usedn/a• Add water to fill line, add required amount of cleaner, insert the wipes and stand upside down to soak • Convenient refillable cleaning wipes • Adhesive labels included • Do not flush down toilet
L.O.C. Bathroom Cleaner500ml• Washable bathroom surfaces (incl. ceramic tiles, fibreglass, porcelain, stainless steel, plastics and vinyl)3:1• Fresh new yellow colour • Anti-residue • Streak-free • For hard water deposits, dilute 1:1 • low streaking
L.O.C. Daily Shower Cleaner500ml• All shower surfaces (incl. ceramic tiles)3:1• No-rinse formula • After showering spray surfaces and allow to dry naturally
L.O.C. Toilet Bowl Cleaner750ml• Cleans toilets hygienically and removes build-up of limescale or hard water depositsn/a• For best results, allow to work for 30 minutes then flush to clean • For heavier limescale build-up, use brush • Do not mix with other chemicals

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