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Make light work of cleaning the dishes after your next party

Whether it’s to mark a birthday, anniversary, a reunion or someone’s achievement, we all find a cause to throw a party now and then. Preparing can be great fun – deciding what to serve, which table decorations to lay out and the music you will play to set the right ambiance.


Cooking and presenting an impressive spread of food and drinks, however, means you will use dishware, cookware, utensils, cutlery, glasses and cups in a range of shapes and sizes. Post-party, you need to fill the dishwasher, wash up by hand – or both. High-quality products make all the difference to the end result.

Dish-washing doesn’t have to be a drag


Clearing up is made easier by DISH DROPS™, but why not make the whole session of filling or unloading the dishwasher or scrubbing pans a fun time? Listen to lively music or entertaining podcasts while you work – the party spirit will continue as your dishes get to shine!

Successful cycle

Before you set your dishwasher cycle, tip the right amount of DISH DROPS Automatic Dishwasher Powder or one of the handy Automatic Dishwasher Tablets in the drawer or sliding unit of your machine. Tip: The wrapper around each Tablet is dissolvable, so you don’t have to remove it!

Both DISH DROPS Automatic Dishwasher products contain a formula to soften hard water, reducing etching and staining on glassware. Oxygen bleach and effective salts and enzymes help shift even stubborn food residues. Once the cycle is finished, you’ll be glad you chose the right brand as you unload your favourite items.

Help at hand

The powerful formula of the DISH DROPS Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid allows a little of this product to go a long way. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the Bubble Blowing demonstration video! This liquid cuts through grease and sauces, even when using cold water, yet it’s kind to the environment, as 84% of its ingredients are naturally derived. Extracts of the shiso plant care for your hands while you clean.

If grime on pots and pans requires a little more strength to shift it, you can use the liquid as an effective pre-soak – or you can apply some gentle pressure with a stainless-steel DISH DROPS SCRUB BUD™!

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