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How to wash baby laundry

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Comfort for baby, peace of mind for mum and dad

Who knew that such a precious and tiny human could generate so much laundry in a short amount of time? Any parent knows how fast that pile of food-stained onesies can grow while kids are just being kids. This means that baby clothes get washed … a lot.

Here’s the thing though – those laundry detergents that we use to eliminate stubborn stains? The harsh chemicals in some of them can be irritating on your baby’s sensitive skin, triggering red patches and even itching. Fortunately, Amway offers a detergent specially formulated for babies that is gentle on sensitive skin but tough on stains.

Why does baby skin need extra attention?

Infant skin is very sensitive and about 30% thinner than adult skin. Until they reach toddler age, a baby’s skin can’t retain proper moisture level the way adult skin can. That’s why babies are vulnerable to the environmental stresses of daily life, such as dry climate, wind, soaps, and friction from clothes and diapers. These irritants can cause rashes and general discomfort for your baby.

Some babies are even more sensitive than others, and don’t react well to dyes, fragrances and detergents. That’s why skincare products for babies, such as shampoos and lotion, are usually formulated to be extra gentle and fragrance-free.

Prepping your baby’s clothes

There are a few things to consider to reduce the risk of irritating your baby’s skin.

First, when purchasing new garments or blankets, it’s a good idea to wash these fabrics before bundling your baby in them. Your baby’s clothes went on a journey before they arrived in your shopping bag. Those pyjamas likely sat in a factory, package or warehouse, or on a store shelf, for a while, possibly collecting germs and chemicals.

Washing new clothes also rinses out the extra dye in synthetic fibres. The excess dye can cause people with sensitive skin, particularly babies who have delicate skin already, to have an allergic reaction.

Whether it’s a garment’s first cleanse or you’re trying to wash out stains, always use laundry detergent that’s formulated for sensitive skin.

We suggest SA8™ BABY Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent with Softening Effect by Amway Home™ . Free from phosphate, chlorine, EDTA, NTA, NPE, this liquid detergent removes stains, while leaving fabrics nice and soft and is even recommended by paediatricians for sensitive skin.

Good for babies and good for you too!

The patented BIOQUEST formula contains no dyes, chlorine, phosphates or optical brighteners. It also contains aloe vera, a natural skin conditioner known for hydrating parched skin.

This detergent also has the stamp of compliance from the U.S. EPA Safer Choice programme, which means that it contains ingredients with more positive human health and environmental characteristics than conventional products of the same type.

Bonus: This detergent isn’t just suitable for baby clothes – it’s powerful enough to work on adult clothes too. If it’s gentle enough for your baby’s skin, it’s gentle enough for you.

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