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Surprising ways to use your iCook Wok

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Foodies and wok-lovers, rejoice! The iCook Wok could be your new go-to for 11 different food preparation methods

What springs to mind when you see a wok? Stir-fry, of course. A quick, simple meal consisting of pretty much whatever ingredients you have on hand. When it comes to making a stir-fry, your iCook Wok certainly does come in handy, saving you time and effort. But is this wonderful cooking utensil really only one-dimensional?

The answer is no.

11 surprising ways to use your iCook Wok

Pan frying

For larger, un-chopped pieces of meat, apply a low, steady heat without any fat or oil. By retaining the food’s vitamins through the Vitalok feature, the iCook Wok is an ideal pan for frying at low temperatures.

Pull out your iCook wok and give pan frying a go with the flavourful Mexican wraps filled with chicken, onions and peppers .


In a wok? Sure, why not? If you ever need a little more space for poaching, your iCook Wok could be the solution. Simply fill your wok with water, bring it to a boil over high heat and then reduce the temperature to medium heat. Be sure to keep the water bubbles lightly rolling for at least 15 minutes.


Cooking with a wok gives you optimal flexibility for temperature regulation, so when it comes to slowing things down and braising your food, the iCook Wok is ready when you are. This also applies to any late additions to your sauce, which can be braised to your liking without compromising the work you’ve already done.


This may not seem like a technique your everyday wok can perform, but this is an iCook special. You can roast delicious items such as nuts or vegetables. The detachable grid is your platform and the lid traps in the heat to apply it equally from all angles, just like in an oven. This allows the iCook Wok to trap in the flavours and health benefits of your food in a way that no oven could hope to. Other ingredients can be below the platform, so that everything cooks at once.

Deep and shallow frying

Your iCook Wok is also good for deep frying or, for a healthier, less-oily alternative, shallow frying. The shape of a wok lends itself perfectly to adding your desired amount of oil as accurately as possible.

Looking for a delicious appetizer? Use your iCook wok to fry up healthy Eggplant rolls with herbs and cream cheese .


Simmering is another method which requires good temperature regulation. Goulash, chili or even soups are perfect for this method. Pretty much any type of sauce you prepare will need a few moments to simmer – and it’s second nature to the iCook Wok.


Stewing is essentially simmering over a longer period of time and without previously frying or roasting anything. Think your iCook Wok might get bored? Think again – stew away!

Boil and par-boil

Now that you know the iCook Wok can roast, poach and stew, it will come as no surprise to hear that it can also boil and par-boil. Simply keep the heat of the wok steady until the liquid produces rolling bubbles. The 7-ply construction of the iCook Wok ensures that food will not stick or burn to the base of the wok. However, be sure not to use high heat as this may damage the wok.

Give this cooking method a try when you make the scrumptious Pakistani eggplant with yoghurt sauce .


Last, but not least, the iCook Wok can double up as a steamer. The best way to perform this cooking method is with the detachable grid and the lid, like for a roast, only with boiling water in the bottom of the pan.

Feeling inspired? Check out these delicious recipes and get cooking with your iCook Wok!

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