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Working from home with children

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Amway employees share their experiences of balancing parenthood with working from home.

Balancing the demands of work and parenthood when we are spending so much time together at home can be tough for everyone. Here, Amway staff share their experiences and tips to surviving the new normal.

Be adaptable

Tatiana - Chief Editor: “What has really helped us is to have a plan but be flexible. With two kids, (4 and 9-years-old) you need to organise and reorganise based on your family’s daily needs."

“My kids don’t stick to my COVID-19 schedule perfectly but it helps to give all of us a sense of direction. Whoever is free between my husband and me, one of us supports the kids in their activities whenever needed. We’ve all had to change a bit. I’ve never been someone who plans meals for example. Freestyle but healthy was always my motto. Now, I have a 3 week meal plan! It’s funny how your life and habits can change!”

Careful planning is a must

Ganna - Senior Market Research Analyst: “I have two kids (6-months and 4-years-old) in a one-bedroom apartment. And like so many women I am forced to play so many roles at once - to be a wife, a mum, a homemaker and a businesswoman. It’s just not possible to cook, feed my baby and answer emails all at the same time. Careful planning has been the only thing that is getting us through lockdown! This is what I have found works for us:”

  1. Plan - break all daily tasks in 30-minute slots and make sure I know when my husband and I have to be on calls so we can split our time effectively.

  2. Be flexible - save creative tasks for the evening, when the kids are sleeping and I have time to think!

  3. Stay focussed - have a new daily schedule and stick to it!

  4. Stay positive - keep reminding yourself that the situation will be over sooner or later...

Dedicated family time is essential

Stella - Senior Communication Project Leader: “My husband and I work both from home so we try to give our 5-year-old daughter some time during breaks."

“A must for our family is “after-work” time. We as parents try to create boundaries between working life and private life. Once the laptop is off, we are 100% focussed on our daughter. Now that we are allowed to go out, we try to spend some time outside in the evenings. Being out in nature and feeling the sunshine is helping a lot. After dinner, it’s movie time, but if we want to chat instead we turn the TV off and just cuddle on the sofa."

“Having two full-time jobs and only 24 hours, has been hard but we've learned a lot about ourselves and our family. “

Make guidelines, not rules

Sandra - Brand Manager: “As a family, we have had good times, where we've worked together perfectly as a team, as well as times when we have struggled. Accepting there is no master plan for us, has helped us cope! And these family guidelines have helped us with working from home with our 3-year-old daughter:”

  1. Talk to each other - every evening, my husband and I have a look at our agendas for the following day. Who will start working very early in the morning? Who will have important calls at what time? And what will we do if we have calls at the same time?

  2. Plan, plan, plan - what will we prepare for dinner? When do we need to go shopping and clean the house and who will be responsible for this?

  3. Fresh air - go out for a walk or ride the bike once a day with our child even if it is raining cats and dogs.

  4. Take time for unplanned breaks - Cuddle with our little one, listen to loud music and dance for 10 minutes spontaneously. This has helped us free our minds.

Find new ways to connect

Patrycja - Communication Projects Manager: “Having teenagers at home is never a piece of cake, but during lockdown, it’s even tougher. They are not used to being at home for so long and at this age, friends seem much more exciting than parents."

"We had to agree to new rules - what time to get up in the morning, when to do school work and how to enjoy free time. It’s been a while since my kids expected their parents to play with them, but I have been pleasantly surprised. They recently decided we should all play board games together. Now we have been playing Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, or Dobble regularly!”

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