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Give your wardrobe new life!

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Keep the fabrics you love looking new for longer with the right detergent

You hate to see it happen – your little black dress turning charcoal, your favourite tops losing their lustre and your power outfit falling victim to the hands of time. Sadly, your wardrobe can fade and lose its pizzazz. But there is something you can do and, happily, it’s rather simple. Are you ready to learn the big secret ?

Pick the right laundry detergent. That’s it. It’s as easy as that.

Laundry engineers and scientists have done all the hard work and figured out the exact enzymes and polymers a laundry detergent needs (or doesn’t need) to keep clothes – and all other textiles – looking good for longer. Want to figure out which product is the answer to your wardrobe woes? Here is what you need to know.

Why do some items seem to wear so quickly?

If textiles aren’t treated with care, it doesn’t take long to become visible. Harsh detergent formulas and rough handling of fabrics – even the spin of your washing machine – can result in these worse-for-wear looks:

  1. Bright colours appear dull

  2. Patches of colour transfer between items

  3. Sophisticated black or dark clothing looks faded and less refined

  4. Cotton clothing or bed linen looks unsightly with fuzzy pilling

What do polymers and enzymes do?

Some laundry detergents, like SA8™ Color Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent for Colored and Black Clothes, contain a special polymer that effectively locks dyes into a fabric, so they stay put and cannot transfer to other items. In other words, no more muddied colour combinations. This applies to black and dark shades too, meaning there’s no need for you to buy separate products.

SA8 Color Liquid also features an enzyme that gently eliminates microfibrils that gradually build up on cotton due to friction from wearing and washing. The fresh, smooth look is therefore maintained – and even older items get a revival!

What’s important for whites and delicates?

It’s always better to launder more sensitive fabrics in a separate wash on a slower setting, using a gentler, specially designed formula. SA8 Delicate, for instance, is customised for washable silks, wool, microfibres and fine lingerie.

For white textiles, use a separate high-performance formula that contains two powerful enzymes (protease and amylase) and that works with all water temperatures. This will help keep your white textiles dazzling white. Fortunately, SA8 Liquid is perfect for this exact thing.

Check out the video about SA8 laundry detergents!

Anything else to consider when picking laundry detergent?

Yes. Sustainability. Extending the life of your clothing and home textiles can be a powerful way to buy less, without sacrificing style. If you want to go a step further in protecting the environment, be sure to pick concentrated formulas, like the SA8 liquid range – a little product goes a long way. Additionally, look for formula that’s readily biodegradable .

Sensitivity might be another factor to consider. Laundry products worth their salt should be tested by dermatologists, to ensure that laundered clothes are safe against normal skin. If you require extra-mild formulas, look no further than SA8 Baby, which has been created to accommodate sensitivities .

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