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The 5 key benefits of eSpring

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The eSpring Water Treatment System literally filters out the bad and leaves in the good – but there are even more benefits from this versatile product

Water is the stuff of life. In fact, the average adult is about 60% water. This means you and your family need to continuously sustain your bodies with an adequate amount of water for great health!

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Why use eSpring? Check out this video to learn more about the eSpring Water Treatment System and its five key benefits for you and your family.

Since water is consumed daily, we need to take care of it and ensure our families are drinking and using water that is free from sneaky contaminants. Fortunately, the eSpring Water Treatment System does exactly this. While water filtration achieves a lot, what are the key benefits of eSpring? Read on, to learn more:

1. Removes the bad

eSpring Water Treatment System is effective against more than 160 contaminants including fine traces of microplastics, moulds and metals. It effectively destroys 99.99% of waterborne disease-causing bacteria in drinking water. So, what does this mean for you exactly? You and your family get to enjoy clean, great-tasting water, always!

2. Leaves in the good

As drinking water contains a lot of good minerals for the body, eSpring is able to leave those important nutrients like magnesium and calcium in your water. So rest assured, the good nutritional elements won’t escape with the contaminants.

3. Minimises waste

Once you have an eSpring Water Treatment System, you’ll no longer need to go to a store to buy water. This means you’ll save time and also minimise waste in the long run. Most importantly, eSpring does not waste any water.

4. Reduces the use of plastic

When you use eSpring you’ll reduce your consumption of bottled water and ultimately help in reducing the proliferation of single-use plastic. Best of all, since you will no longer need to travel or use returnable plastic barrels, you will help reduce the impact they have on the environment. In fact, one eSpring filter can help save up to 5,000 one-litre water bottles.

5. Easy maintenance

The eSpring filter cartridge needs to be replaced after one year or every 5,000 litres – whichever comes first. But don’t worry, you will also be notified of when the filter needs to be changed. Best of all, it takes minimal effort to replace the filter.

Great quality with eSpring certificates

eSpring is the first water filtration system to be certified by NSF International* to the following four NSF/ANSI Standards: 42, 53, 55 and 401. With these certifications, you can confidently know that eSpring delivers clean, pure water for you and your family:

  1. Standard 42: improves the taste, smell and appearance of water.

  2. Standard 53: removes lead and other volatile organic contaminants.

  3. Standard 55: provides further treatment to disinfected public drinking water.

  4. Standard 401: eliminates emerging contaminants in herbicides and some prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Remember to watch this space – we’ll be sharing more information about the world of eSpring across the next few months!

*The NSF is the Public Health and Safety Organisation. It is an independent accredited body that tests, audits and certifies products.

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