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Introducing the NEW SA8 Color Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent for Colored and Black Clothes

Amway is launching an exciting new SA8™ laundry detergent, and this time it’s in liquid format. The new SA8 Color Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent for Colored and Black Clothes is tough on stains, kind to colours, easy to use and environmentally friendly. Best of all, your bright clothes will keep their colour and dark clothes will look newer for longer – and all with one liquid detergent. There will be no more need to have a variety of detergents for different colours!

There are many reasons why the SA8 Color Liquid Laundry Detergent could be a better option for you. Learn about them below:

1. One detergent for all colours

There’s nothing worse than freshly laundering your clothes to only find the fabric has faded and looks much older than it is. The special formula in SA8 Color Liquid Detergent is designed to keep your coloured clothes brighter and ensures your dark clothes don’t fade. It even inhibits fabric corrosion. SA8 Color Liquid Detergent contains a special polymer that helps lock dyes into the fabric and prohibits dyes from transferring on to other fabrics during washing. Additionally, the detergent contains an enzyme, known as cellulase, which removes the tiny microfibrils that form when cotton ages. This process allows the true colour of the fabric to last longer and can even help certain worn cottons look new again.

2. Gentle on fabric

SA8 Color Liquid and SA8 Color Powder Detergents use similar technology and ingredients to stop dyes from transferring from one fabric to another. They also use the same type of enzyme to keep cotton clothes from forming microfibrils that give garments that fuzzy, worn appearance. However, as SA8 Color Liquid is less alkaline than our powder detergent, it is much more gentle on fabric and fundamentally does a great job of protecting your clothes.

3. The black and white dilemma

Whether it’s striped black and white underwear or your favourite black and white blouse – is it a dark or light coloured item? Whatever you may claim it to be, it doesn’t matter with SA8 Colour Liquid! This detergent is perfect for fine black and white combinations as it helps lock the colour into the fabric. One thing you need to watch out for, however, is the type of material used for the garment. Unfortunately, some fabric manufacturers use dyes that are not appropriate for certain fabrics. To avoid the transfer of colours in this situation, we recommend sorting your laundry and washing similar colours together. Additionally, it’s best to sort laundry by fabric type for the most efficient washing.

4. Environmentally friendly

Because the new SA8 Color Liquid Detergent is already dissolved, it’s optimised for washes at cold temperatures as low as 15ºC. This allows you to save money and energy, which is perfect for your wallet and the planet. SA8 Color Liquid is also powered by the special BIOQUEST FORMULA™, which ensures high-performance cleaning and colour protection from an eco-friendly and readily biodegradable product. Best of all, you can be left feeling reassured that your colours will be preserved.

5. Suitable for the whole family

The new SA8 Color Liquid Detergent is also phosphate-free and contains no bleach or optical brighteners, meaning it’s a safer option for you and your family. Additionally, it has been dermatologically tested to ensure it will not leave any harmful residue on your clothes.

6. A little goes a long way

Like many Amway cleaning products, SA8 Color Liquid is concentrated and only requires a small amount for every use. The number of uses per bottle depends on many variables, such as how dirty your laundry is, the amount of clothes being washed and the water hardness in your area. For a standard 4.5 kg machine with medium soiled clothes and medium water hardness, SA8 Color Liquid delivers 33 wash loads per bottle. This means you get more washes, without compromising the quality of cleanliness!

The new SA8 Color Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent for Colored and Black Clothes will be available from 24 February 2020!

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