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Make everyday cleaning a breeze

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Amway has a whole range of smart household helpers. Learn about them now so you can make cleaning easy!

Whether you need to do the dishes, do laundry or bring surfaces to a brilliant shine, cleaning can feel like a never-ending chore. However, when you have handy cleaning products such as those from AMWAY HOME™, you can easily make cleaning duties an effective and convenient task.

Safe for you and the environment

In case you didn’t already know, a huge range of AMWAY HOME cleaning products need to be diluted in order to use. Not only does this mean your cleaning products will last longer, it also means products are far less harmful to the environment. Many have been certified as sustainable and have even been tested and officially certified as being kinder to the environment and your skin.

In order to dilute these products, you need smart household helpers to make this as easy as possible. And, in our opinion, there’s nothing more classic or simple than the AMWAY HOME Pistol Grip Sprayer Bottle. For example, if you use the L.O.C Multi-Purpose cleanser for spray cleaning, all you need to do is add 450 ml of water to the 9:1 line in your Pistol Grip Sprayer Bottle and top up with Multi-Purpose Cleaner to the 500 ml line. To quickly and easily identify your diluted cleaning solution, label your spray bottle with an AMWAY HOME Care Label especially designed for the pistol grip sprayer bottle.

Efficient plunging

Available in two types, the AMWAY HOME Plunger Dispenser for 1 litre and 4 litre Amway products allows you to dispense 3ml from a 1 litre bottle. They use a durable spring-loaded mechanism made from sturdy plastic and are compatible for a range of Amway products. Best of all, they can easily be operated with one hand to maximise cleaning convenience!

Laundry convenience

When it comes to effectively washing your laundry, you may be more of a powder or liquid detergent person. Whatever your preference is, AMWAY HOME Dispenser Balls are the perfect way to dispense detergent right into the centre of your washing. What’s most convenient is that the dispenser balls help you to avoid using dispenser drawers, which often block and waste detergent and require frequent cleaning.

To effectively pour your liquid detergent, the AMWAY HOME Pour and Measure Cap allows you to dispense and accurately measure your detergent every time. And any surplus detergent that doesn’t reach the cap simply drains back into the bottle without causing any dripping wastage.

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