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A taste of Germany

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German ABOs share their favourite traditional recipes

In the second instalment of our new interactive recipe feature, ABOs from the charming country of Germany share their favourite recipes and iCookTM preparations tips. Ready for rich traditional flavours? Here we go.

The spirit of Gemütlichkeit

From crumbly schnitzels to hearty pork knuckles, slow-roasted duck, red cabbage, tangy potato salad, flaky fish and sausages of every description, the cuisine of Germany is not short on flavour, character or warmth. In fact, the concept of Gemütlichkeit – an atmosphere of cosiness and friendliness – is embodied not only in the flavours of its dishes, but also in the way that they are prepared and shared. Three of our German ABOs spread the love by sharing their favourite recipes and offering tips on how to best prepare them with iCook cookware.

A traditional festive favourite

For Krefeld resident and 6% ABO Alexandra Klass, festive winter food has to not only taste delicious and incorporate traditional flavours, but also be quick to prepare. “This is a simple recipe,” she says of her family’s favourite dish, festive goulash with dumplings, salad and cranberry-stuffed pear, “but I would rate it five out of five.”

The ease, simplicity and flavour come from a traditional recipe base, which Klass adapted for the iCook Wok with VITALOK. “Now I’m not worried that anything will burn, and there are fewer pans to wash,” she says.

Festive goulash with dumplings, corn salad and cranberry-stuffed pear

Download this recipe here as PDF / as an ePub

Low-fat Mediterranean twist

According to diamond ABO Nicole Oechsle, who hails from the charming town of Mietingen, a perfect dish has to achieve equilibrium. One of her all-time favourites, beef filet with Mediterranean vegetables and low-fat Käsespätzle, balances hearty traditional German staples with light Mediterranean vegetables and low-fat cheese egg noodles. “This is one of my favourite recipes and very easy to make,” Oechsle says.

Beef filet with Mediterranean vegetables and low-fat Käsespätzle

Download this recipe here as PDF / as an ePub

Flavoursome yet balanced

Balance – perfect flavour, ease of preparation and healthy ingredients – is what defines the perfect festive meal for ABOs and good friends Julia Weber (Pearl) and Natalie Goldbeck (Platinum). The ladies, who hail from self-proclaimed “best city in Germany”, Aschaffenburg, say that their favourite dish, a fragrant beetroot soup with dried fig and hazelnuts, is not only a dream to prepare, but also healthy to boot.

Festive beetroot soup with dried figs and hazelnuts

Download this recipe here as PDF / as an ePub

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