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Stand up against stains

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Let your favourite fabrics regain their shine with a bit of special attention

Doing the laundry is one of those regular household tasks none of us can avoid. Although many of our clothing items and household fabrics look like new after a normal washing cycle with reliable detergents, like those from SA8™, some need a little extra care. This is where treatment additives can bring an extra-special sparkle to your textiles.

Magic away marks

It just happens – butter, olive oil or pasta sauce take aim at our much-loved clothing items before we are able to stop the splash during cooking or eating. This leaves us with stubborn oily stains that may fade, but will not disappear completely without dedicated attention. SA8 PreWash can be sprayed directly onto greasy patches – and even grimy shirt collars and cuffs – before washing items in the normal way.

Dissolve other difficult marks, like tea and coffee, both from textiles and even crockery, with SA8 All Fabric Bleach – a staple item for every household. It contains oxygen bleach, rather than chlorine, so is kind on coloured textiles. Soak stained items – or wearable or household whites that have lost their brightness – before the regular laundry cycle to give them an extra cleaning boost.

Tackle the mud

Got a keen sportsperson in the family? Deeply-ingrained splashed mud or grass stains on clothing worn on the football field will get a pummelling if you apply SA8 TriZyme™. This is a combination of three effective cleaning enzymes, making it a powerful pre-soak product. Soak clothing overnight or add some to your washing machine drawer for an upgraded laundry cycle.

After using one of these three stain-fighting heroes, check out treated items post-washing cycle to see the impressive results! Watch our demos for using these key SA8 products for eliminating tough stains. Just be careful not to use them on delicate fabrics like silk and wool.

Soothe the senses

Once unwanted marks have been shifted, treat your favourite textiles with a softener, which makes them feel soothing to wear or use – and smell gorgeous. SA8 Concentrated Fabric Softener comes in two pleasant fragrances. Try the Garden Blooms scent this March for an uplifting start to the month.

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