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Sharing accommodation means sharing cleaning responsibilities, too. How to clean up without ruining new friendships.

Leaving home to become a student marks an important step in a young person’s life. Along with the excitement and buzz of a new city, friends, hobbies and fields of interest, there are also probably some questions about the new independence and responsibilities. Particularly if you move into shared accommodation with perfect strangers. “Will you become friends for life?”, for instance. Or, “Do you have the same interests and dreams?”

After a week in shared accommodation, however, the reality will soon start to kick in. And the question you might all be asking is, “Who will clean up?” Here’s how to avoid any nasty surprises or arguments.

Start early

Ideally, you should have a conversation about chores early on. Before you and your fellow student flatmates get into any bad habits. Find out what’s important to each flatmate.

Clean up after yourself

The best approach is to clean up after yourself. For example, you could agree to wipe the shower or bath down properly after use, rather than leaving it for another day … or another person!

Start a rota

If you’re sharing accommodation, you have to get used to sharing chores. While not every student household will like the idea of introducing a strict cleaning rota, there are some very good reasons to have one. If you keep the tasks to a minimum, and rotate them every week, you will find it easier to keep on top of the chores generally. Your flat will never get really dirty. In theory.

Clean together

If things do get out of hand, it’s time to work as a team. Set aside a couple of hours one day, turn up the music and enjoy the team effort as you scrub and polish the surfaces.

Stay environmentally friendly

It’s not only cool for students to be conscious of the carbon footprint, it’s essential. As it’s unlikely you’ll have a lot of space for storage, make sure you choose your products wisely. The L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner is environmentally friendly and effective, as well as economical. Three clear reasons why it will be popular with students.

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