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The science of beautiful hair

Personal Care

The new SATINIQUE makes beautiful hair as easy as 1-2-3.

People who colour their hair have a unique challenge to keep it looking healthy and luxurious. That’s because every time we colour our hair, the cuticle layer has to be raised so that the colour molecules can penetrate. Doing this weakens and often damages the hair shaft. If we don’t use a proper hair care system specifically formulated for coloured hair, the hair will look dull and break off.

Vibrant rejuvenation

Amway has introduced a new patented ingredient to SATINIQUE™ hair care products that will keep your hair as vibrant as SATINIQUE’s new packaging: ENERJUVE™. Exclusive to SATINIQUE, ENERJUVE is a positively charged complex of strengthening lipids, reinforcing creatine and restoring 18-MEA, which works on all three levels of the hair to correct the negative charge found in damaged hair. ENERJUVE is smart technology that identifies damaged or weakened hair, then penetrates it to the core. It selectively binds to damaged areas and fortifies weak spots, repairing and revitalising from the inside out.

Colour Repair shampoo and conditioner help to resurface the hair‘s cuticle, restoring its natural defence after just one use

Strength and shine

You might be surprised the first time you wash your hair with SATINIQUE Colour Repair Shampoo: your head won’t be wrapped in piles and piles of lather. The reason why is that all that foam is being produced by a strong sulphate-containing detergent used in most shampoos and in many home cleaning products as well. Sulphates strip the hair cuticle, making hair appear dull, dry and damaged. The SATINIQUE Colour Repair System of shampoo and conditioner has a gentle, sulphate-free formula that not only cleans and conditions the hair but also protects, strengthens and repairs, while helping the hair keep its colour and boosting shine. The system's unique blend of pomegranate and grape seed extract feeds your hair: pomegranate, to revitalise dull, dry hair and protect it from environmental damage, and grape seed extract, to provide antioxidants. The hair-strengthening shampoo and conditioner; hydrate and repair the cuticle and don’t wash the colour out. Used in combination, the SATINIQUE Colour Repair System can make hair up to nine times stronger, while colour stays true for up to 45 washes.

Revitalising repair

Another star of the new SATINIQUE collection is the Revitalizing Mask. This gentle cleanser and balanced conditioner nourishes hair with vitamin E, grape seed extract and kukui seed oil to help protect hair against environmental damage and leave it looking healthy and moisturised. Used alone, it makes hair six times stronger, and when used together with the SATINIQUE Colour Repair System, split ends are repaired, softness is restored and even the most severely damaged hair is up to nine times stronger. Recommended for all hair types, but especially for stressed, damaged or colour-treated hair, it’s a fortifying treatment that uses the power of ENERJUVE to repair and deep-condition before styling. So say goodbye to split ends and hello to soft, silky, irresistible hair.

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