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The key to healthy hair

Personal Care

Do you know what keeps your hair looking shiny and healthy?

A moisture-rich material in every strand of hair called the cell membrane complex. It’s an important part of the hair structure, which is actually more complex than you may think. The outer layer, called the cuticle, provides protection to the inner portion of the hair fibre, called the cortex. Cuticle cells form in layers of eight to 10 overlapping cells, much like tiles on a roof. The cortex is the main bulk of the hair and determines its thickness, strength and moisture content.

Why hair becomes damaged

Underneath every cuticle cell and within the cortex is the cell membrane complex, a cement-like material. It is composed of lipids, such as ceramides, and protein, and is responsible for helping to ‘glue’ all of the hair cells together. This means hair is less damaged from physical abrasion. Every time hair is chemically processed, for instance coloured or bleached, the cell membrane complex is removed and proteins are damaged. Sunlight, washing, and combing can also damage the hair, removing the cell membrane complex. Depending on the water content of the hair, its protein concentration can range between 65% and 90%; so it is important to keep it well guarded and cared for.

Get protection

Help is at hand, though. Amway scientists have developed SATINIQUE™ with an exclusive Ceramide Infusion System. It is clinically proven to repair, strengthen and protect your hair against stress, pollution and styling. Whether your hair is normal, fine, dry, oily, coloured or prone to dandruff, the system is present in a variety of SATINIQUE™ products including Satinique Purifying Hair Cleanser, Satinique Light Conditioning Hair Cleanser (2-in-1) as well as Satinique Dandruff Control Cleanser, a soothing formula designed to relieve dandruff symptoms, while cleansing and restoring the natural moisture balance of the hair and scalp.
The Ceramide Infusion System works by penetrating the damaged fibre and the infusion system repairs the cell membrane complex. The end result is healthy, shiny hair that’s stronger, more resistant to breakage and protected from further damage.

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