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Velvety, smooth, instantly refined


Launching 6 September! Introducing the newest innovative product of the ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKIN CARE family.

ARTISTRYTM welcomes a new product to its INTENSIVE SKIN CARE line-up this month: the ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKIN CARE Advanced Skin Refinisher. Combined with the ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKIN CARE Renewing Peel (Item No. 107998), this will be offered as the new ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKIN CARE Power Duo (Item No. 119522).

The new Advanced Skin Refinisher

The Advanced Skin Refinisher targets the causes of rough skin and enlarged pores. The Advanced Skin Refinisher uses some of the most innovative ingredients, including:

  1. Optical Diffusers smooth and mattify the skin, for an instant 'WOW' look and feel.

  2. Patent Oat Extract and Natural Moisturising Factor Sugars (NMF) gently remove skin debris, which clogs the pores, and smooth away the roughness.

  3. Java Tea Extract suppresses the production of sebum, while significantly reducing the visible pore size and imperfections.

ARTISTRY Intensives Leave Behind Brochure (available in a pack of 5)

Item No. 262627 p0b0a25e21.93r25
Presenting all the ARTISTRY Intensives products in a brief format, this brochure will help you to explain all the features and benefits of these excellent products to clients. You can buy it in packs of five and leave it as food for thought with a prospect.

ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKIN CARE Advanced Skin Refinisher Leave Behind Brochure

A powerful combination …

The new ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKIN CARE Power Duo consists of two treatment products to improve overall skin appearance and the appearance of pores: ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKIN CARE Advanced Skin Refinisher in combination with ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKIN CARE Renewing Peel.

Using the Power Duo is easy!
1) After cleansing and toning the skin, use the Advanced Skin Refinisher, followed by an ARTISTRY moisturiser with sunscreen or foundation containing SPF.
2) For optimal results, use the Renewing Peel at night twice a week in place of the Advanced Skin Refinisher. This peel serves as a calming and fast exfoliant. Most dermatologists agree that regular exfoliation sloughs away dead cells and facial build-up, allowing serums and moisturisers to absorb better.

… with a personal touch

Skin can be a personal topic for some customers. When promoting ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKIN CARE products, remember to be sensitive to your customers’ needs, while still bringing up key distinctive selling points:

  1. Reduction of pore appearance

  2. Suppression of excess oil production

  3. Natural ingredients backed by years of research

  4. Allergy- and dermatologist-tested

  5. Suitable for all skin types

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