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Transform your skin


Discover the path to a youthful skin revolution

With more than seven years experience travelling the world (I have visited twenty-three countries to date), representing and educating on the ARTISTRYTM brand, I can truly say that this is one of the greatest product launches that I have had the opportunity to be a part of. ARTISTRY YOUTH XTENDTM is the beginning of a transformation - a transformation in technology, ingredients, packaging, positioning and results!

A unique combination

The YOUTH XTEND Collection is a revolutionary anti-ageing product formulation. The unique ingredients are capable of prolonging the lifespan of healthy, youthful skin cells, repairing signs of damage and protecting the skin.

The ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND regimen incorporates the three basic steps of caring for the skin: cleanse, tone and exfoliate... but NOW it also incorporates the 'treat' step, with a power-packed serum to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after the first use!

New products, new life

The ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Collection touts three new ingredients to the ARTISTRY family of products, each specifically chosen to deliver powerful anti-ageing benefits to the skin. The first ingredient is called LifeSirt, an extract from the myrtle leaf that increases youth protein production and prolongs the lifespan of healthy, youthful skin cells. The second ingredient is a small powerhouse known as the Micro-X6 Peptide. This special peptide triggers the collagen-producing cells in the lower layers of the skin to produce more collagen, and in turn, repair cumulative damage due to environmental influences. The third key ingredient is from the fruit of the African Baobab tree, also known as the 'Tree of Life'. This tree can live for more than one thousand years! Simply put, the ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Collection boosts youth protein production while repairing and adding protection. It’s an all-in-one solution to give your skin a new, healthy appearance.

A line for everyone

One of the most unique benefits of YOUTH XTEND is that it is suited for all ages and all skin types. Because of its ability to prolong the lifespan of skin cells, clearly, the sooner one begins using it, the sooner youthful skin will be maintained. I am sure many of you have heard me say, 'It’s easier to take care of what you have when you have it, then try to fix it down the road!' But at the same time, YOUTH XTEND's ability to promote collagen production clearly focuses on skin that has already endured environmental damage and is in need of repair.

With this new range, ARTISTRY has introduced a truly amazing anti-ageing product line that will not only enhance the youthful look of your skin, but enhance the strength of your business too!


Amway Academy offers a great training programme of anti-ageing skin care in general and on ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND in particular. Do you want to learn about this new anti-ageing ARTISTRY collection? The product portfolio of YOUTH XTEND? Why anti-ageing skin care is good for the skin? Interested to learn strategies that can improve your overall professionalism and effectiveness in consulting on Amway products? Want to learn how to recognise buying signals? Then download the ARTISTRY eLearning PDF .

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