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Think ahead with ARTISTRY


Let Master Skin Health Educator Michelle D’Allaird explain how forward thinking from ARTISTRY can bring out the very best in you.

I’m sure you are all familiar with the term 'forward thinking'. It refers to thinking ahead, preparing for the future and being several steps ahead of the person next to you. Well, this is exactly what ARTISTRYTM is doing with the world of beauty: taking it to new and exciting places. We call it 'Forward Beauty'.
Forward Beauty is founded on three brand pillars: DISCOVERY, IMAGINATION and INVENTION. These pillars are chosen to ensure that ARTISTRY rises above and races far ahead of the rest of the beauty world, but they are also chosen to represent the qualities of the Amway Business Owner. And I'd like each of you to take these pillars to heart because not only do they represent your brand – they also represent you!
I will talk about each pillar individually in this and coming posts here on Amagram Online. I strongly feel that they are each in their own right a powerful and integral part of who we are.

A beautiful discovery

Let’s start with DISCOVERY. The ARTISTRY products are developed with rare, innovative, beneficial ingredients from around the globe – from the African plains and Mediterranean shores to our very own sustainable NUTRILITETM farms. With the ability to span the globe for the most superior active skin care ingredients, the reach of ARTISTRY stretches far beyond the competition, delivering amazing results in every single bottle.
And now I'd like you to apply this concept to yourself: the ARTISTRY professional. You are also a constant 'discovery' in progress! You represent a brand that sets limitless milestones; you believe in the discovery of each new day, each new customer and new business opportunity, and each new expression of beauty. You view each day as a discovery in itself. And when you do this, it opens its doors to magnificent little treasures that make your day complete. Like the prized ingredients in ARTISTRY products, the prized ingredients that make up each ARTISTRY professional are what differentiate you from the rest.
Discovery takes us to places we have never been before. It is powered by passion, energy and the undeniable urge for uniqueness and prestige. Discovery is beautiful ... and so are you.

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