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Perfect holiday travel companions


Tips and tricks on how to look after your skin and do your makeup this holiday season!

Whether you’re heading home to celebrate this year’s festivities or going on an exciting journey, travelling via air or long distances can often lead to tired and dehydrated skin. So, to help your skin fight fatigue and always be Insta-ready, learn a few tips and tricks from the ARTISTRY™ skincare experts. They really know how to nurture your wanderlust for your beauty journey!

First of all, before travelling anywhere it’s important to prepare your skin for the long journey ahead. Once you’ve packed your luggage the night before, pull out your Artistry Signature Select™ Masks and treat your skin to a multi-masking rejuvenating experience!

How? These are the steps we suggest:

  1. Apply the polishing mask as an all-over treatment to prepare your skin for the next steps. The polishing mask will nourish and smooth your skin as it removes dead skin cells.

  2. Next, apply the hydrating mask to your forehead, T-zone, cheeks and chin. It will help deeply moisturise and soothe your skin.

  3. To help revive and brighten dark tired bags under your eyes, apply the brightening mask to your under-eye area.

  4. Last, by applying the firming mask to your jaw line and neck, it well help lift neck lines.

Once you’ve washed away the masks, your skin will feel firmer, and look healthier and radiant – perfect for tomorrow’s day of travelling.

No matter where your holidays take you, ARTISTRY STUDIO™ Bangkok Edition has a perfect makeup look for you. It includes a fabulous combination of colour and sparkle that will make your look bold and beautiful. And remember, prepare your skin with the Artistry Signature Select Masks before applying your makeup!

Travelling to a hot climate

If you’re travelling somewhere warm for the holidays, there’s a high chance that you’ll build up quite the sweat, especially if it’s anywhere humid or tropical. So, to keep your makeup look low- key and simple, yet impressive, give this casual but daring look a go.

  1. Apply the lightest shade of eyeshadow from On-the-Go palette to your eyelids. Give your lashes extra volume by applying the mascara base primer followed by the ARTISTRY STUDIO NYC Mascara.

  2. For bold bright lips, use either the Sunset Goddess or Fuchsia Goddess 2-in-1 Matte Lip Crayon. Both colours will make your lips vivid and rich!

Travelling to a cold climate

Winter makeup looks are always daring, especially when you’re out to paint the town red! Make your look glow and elegant for the festivities!

  1. Let your eyes sparkle by applying the Gold Crush Shimmering Cream Eye Shadow. Sharpen them by lining your bottom eyelid with the Gilded Amethyst Kajal Eyeliner.

  2. Give your lashes extra volume by applying the Mascara Base Primer followed by the ARTISTRY STUDIO NYC Mascara.

  3. Select your preferred blush from the On-the-Go Palette and press it lightly on your cheek bones.

  4. To make your lips pop, finish up your look with the bold Rose Goddess 2-in-1 Matte Lip Crayon.

Wherever you are for the holidays, post your favourite makeup looks and multi-masking combinations on social media! #ArtistryStudio #passionista #WearItShareIt; #MySignatureMask; #multimasking

Staying home for the holidays

The best thing about a staycation is being in the comfort of your own home and not needing to travel at all! Have a #GirlsNightIn or a #GirlsNightOut and pamper you skin with the Artistry Signature Select Masks before applying your favourite look from the ARTISTRY STUDIO Bangkok Edition. Best of all, if you’re stuck for gift ideas ideas this holiday season, why not give a range of these products to your friends and family. You could have a wonderful time experimenting and enjoying these fabulous items!

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If you’re not sure which masks to use or which makeup look to go for, use the ARTISTRY Virtual Beauty App to help you find #MySignatureMask solution and Bangkok Edition makeup looks. Be sure to download the ARTISTRY Virtual Beauty App with Apple or Android if you haven’t done so yet!

Additionally, check out our new video to learn more about ARTISTRY STUDIO Bangkok Edition and ARTISTRY Signature Select Masks!

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