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DIY at-home spa experience


Learn how you can create a luxury spa experience right in your own home.

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own house for a relaxing spa day. With a self-made spa experience, you can luxuriate for as long as you want and pamper yourself in all the ways you want to be indulged.

Plus, a home spa is a lovely way to introduce your friends and family to personalised skincare. So gather your friends and your ARTISTRY™ collection: It’s time to treat yourself!

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Create the atmosphere

Part of the fun of going to a spa is the atmosphere and all the details you soak in through your senses: the gentle music floating to your ears, the floral or woody scents, and the decorative elements that transport you to a place that makes you feel at peace.

With a little creativity, you can recreate this setting at home. Some suggestions include:

  1. Dimming the lights

  2. Burning incense or scented candles

  3. Sprinkling flower petals on a table

  4. Leaving a tray with light refreshments out, e.g. freshly squeezed juice, dried fruits and nuts

  5. Playing calm music or nature sounds

For another touch that will make your guests feel extra special, you can give each guest a small take-home bag with personalised card, chocolates and ARTISTRY skincare samples.

Identify what your skin needs

Before you get started, make sure all your guests understand their skincare needs. Pull up the ARTISTRY Virtual Beauty app on your tablet or phone to help your guests identify their key skin concerns. Be sure to download the ARTISTRY Virtual Beauty App with Apple or Android if you haven’t done so yet!

After taking a selfie, the app will walk you through a brief but thorough assessment and provide personalised skincare recommendations.

Mix and match face masks

Now comes the fun part: mixing and matching!

ARTISTRY Signature Select Masks were made for multi-masking. From the wonderful fragrances to rejuvenating texture, these masks are a delightful experience to the senses.

Each of the five masks is infused with plant-based nutrients and addresses a specific skin concern, allowing you to target the different areas of your face and neck as an all-over face mask or a multi-masking experience! All you need to do is follow these two easy steps…

Select a variety of the ARTISTRY Signature Select Masks:

  1. Hydrating Mask – for long-lasting hydration

  2. Brightening Mask – for radiant-looking skin

  3. Purifying Mask – for a deep pore-cleansing effect

  4. Firming Mask – for refreshing lifting and tightening

  5. Polishing Mask – for nourishing skin polishing

And match specific masks to your skin zones:

  1. Forhead

  2. T-zone

  3. Under-eye area

  4. Cheeks

  5. Jawline

  6. Chin

  7. Neck

See our previous article to learn more about which masks work best in each zone.

Snap some selfies of your mask combinations and share them on social media! #MultiMasking #MySignatureMask

Tailor-made magic

Now that you are relaxed, your skin is ready to receive the benefits of a dedicated skincare regimen. Continue the self-care magic with your own personalised serum. Since most women have more than one skincare concern, ARTISTRY Signature Select Personalized Serum packs offer you the power and potential of three serums in one.

Mix the Base Serum, made with botanicals and phyto-infused water, with up to three Amplifiers of your choice:

  1. Hydration Amplifier (for dehydrated or dry skin)

  2. Anti-Wrinkle Amplifier (for fine lines and wrinkles)

  3. Brightening Amplifier (for dull, lacklustre skin)

  4. Anti-Spot Amplifier (for dark spots and uneven complexion)

  5. Firming Amplifier (for sagging skin)

Different areas of your skin have different concerns, which change over time, so you can swap the Amplifiers in and out depending on your needs at the moment.

Every woman is unique. With the right products, you can create a highly personalised experience and luxurious oasis, right in your own home.

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