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True value never goes out of style


Michelle D’Allaird reveals why two brands hold the key to our wellbeing, beauty and business success

Growing up, my grandma had a favourite saying: “If you hold onto something long enough, it will come back in style … but something of true value will never go out of style!”

I’m sure she was talking about my grandpa – but, either way, I never forgot her words, and learned that one of the great secrets to success was longevity.

As I reflect on her statement, it makes me think of the ARTISTRY™ and NUTRILITE™ brands. This year, ARTISTRY will celebrate an amazing 50 years of skincare built on wellbeing, while NUTRILITE’s DOUBLE X™ celebrates 70 years – now that’s longevity!

The building blocks

In order for anything to achieve 50–70 years of longevity, it has to be built on key essential elements that help it to not only survive, but to thrive. These essential elements include: a framework, protection and purification.

Think about it: a strong, solid framework is necessary to build anything bigger, better and more significant. Once that foundation is in place, it must have a way to keep itself well protected. Then, regardless of its protection, over time it must be able to rid itself of build-up and debris from its “years of experience and existence”. This concept can apply to anything: houses, cars, clothing, shoes … and even to our bodies! Yes, our amazing bodies that we all hope have plenty of longevity in them!

Let’s put it all together ...

Our “framework” consists of strong bones and muscles, healthy cells, and a powerful immune system. We secure a solid framework with plenty of vitamin D . However our body does not produce vitamin D on its own; it requires exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin D helps to strengthen bones, muscles, cells and the immune system. Essentials by ARTISTRY™ new Multi Protect Lotion SPF 30 provides the skin with oil-free UV protection while packing it with optimal hydration. The perfect “framework” team!

Next, we must protect our framework. Each day we are bombarded by negative influences such as poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, smoking and pollution. These negative influences create free radicals that damage our cells, ultimately leading to poor health, ageing and illness.

The solution: antioxidant protection.

The most powerful antioxidant: vitamin C! NUTRILITE’s Vitamin C Plus, formulated with water-soluble vitamin C from acerola cherries and produced at our very own Nutrilite farms, provides the body with eight full hours of antioxidant protection. For the skin, ARTISTRY new Intensive Skincare™ Vitamin C + HA packs the skin with the highest amount of Vitamin C ever used in an ARTISTRY product and two levels of HA to lock in moisture for hydration and plumpness.

Lastly, it is necessary to provide our framework with a way to address free radicals, because regardless of how hard we try to protect our body and skin, it is inevitable that ageing and everyday influences will still create toxic build-up and cellular debris.

The solution: a good way forward.

Phytonutrients are plant nutrients that protect plants from disease, viruses and bacteria. They provide similar benefits to the body. NUTRILITE DOUBLE X is formulated with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals from plant extracts. As for the skin, ARTISTRY has put together a Detox Duo! ARTISTRY Intensive Renewing Peel, in partnership with ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Vitamin C + HA, rids the skin of build-up and debris while packing it full of antioxidant protection and hydration.

… back to grandma and grandpa … the secret to success? Longevity. Longevity of two amazing brands to provide you with wellbeing success, beauty success and business success!

It doesn’t get better than that!

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