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Feel good, look good


Michelle D’Allaird on the power of positive thinking.

We have long heard of the impact and power of positive thinking. The idea that when you think positive thoughts, you behave in positive ways, and positive things come back to you.

Why is it in human nature to focus more on the negative and the unlikely than the positive and the possible? Why is that? Positive thinking is nothing new, it's just not the norm. But it should be, and it could be. Because it only takes one thing to start … a thought, a positive thought. A positive thought will put a smile on your face and a glow to your skin.

Begin today – begin right now. Right this very second, think a positive thought. How beautiful is the sky? How bright is the sunshine? How fresh does the air smell? Tell the person in the queue in front of you that you like their shoes, their coat, their purse; that they have a lovely smile. When someone asks you how you are, respond by saying you're fantastic, you're great, you're excellent! Because the more you say it, the more you will be it.

Perhaps you're wondering what in the world positive thinking has to do with skin care and beauty? Just ask a beauty expert! I'll tell you, it has everything to do with it. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you think positive – it’s a natural reaction.

Consider ARTISTRY™ serums, for example. Each one is a highly concentrated blend of ingredients that deliver positive effects to the lower layers of the skin. To help brighten, minimise the signs of ageing or deeply hydrate … these serums each have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the look and behaviour of the skin.

Take the connection to skin care one step further and try the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ Moisture Mask and you will be amazed with the results. Ten to 20 minutes of time for you – and just you! – to perfect the hydration levels of your skin and peacefully do nothing but think positive thoughts. A brief period of absolute empowerment and rejuvenation for your mind and your skin!

When you think of a beautiful person, what do you imagine? I imagine smiles, laughs, confidence, energy, success … and a positive approach to life. Positive thinkers have positive lives, and positive lives are full of beauty, and do you know why? Because not being positive simply isn't an option.

Start right now. Think a positive thought, and watch the beauty come flooding into your life.

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