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Perfume and the power of identity


Michelle D’Allaird: how fragrance creates an image and empowers you.

Fragrance is such a personal thing. What is wonderful on one individual can be different on someone else.

I can recall having a best friend many years back who wore a fragrance that simply engulfed me when I was around her – it was amazing. So I broke down and purchased a bottle for myself. I was so excited to try my new scent. I showered, dressed and lightly sprayed a mist on my wrists, neck and the inside of my elbows … only to find that I was now “engulfed” in what smelled like bug spray. It was terrible!

Since then I have been very cautious when choosing fragrances, and I’d imagine that many of you have also experienced exactly what I’m talking about.

But being such a “personal thing”, fragrance also has the ability to take an individual to places unimaginable. In an instant, scent can take you back to your childhood or to a special event, bring to life a long-lost friend, alter your mood, enhance your desire and calm your soul. It’s so beautifully powerful.

So what if I told you that there was a scent, a fragrance, that alluded to effervescent energy and joy, that was sensual and sweet, that triggered happiness and pleasure while simultaneously creating relaxation and calm? Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “I want it – and I want it now!”

Which is exactly what I thought! So I went and got it!

Transported to Paris

ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC™ Eau de Parfum, the new exclusive scent from ARTISTRY™, is unlike any fragrance you’ve ever used before. Not only are the ingredients carefully blended – hand-harvested French Clementine, Bulgarian Rose and Ylang Ylang Madagascar Flower – but it’s inspired by the legendary Jardins de Bagatelle in Paris.

Beauty is much like a recipe of ingredients that come together to create a sumptuous meal. It includes health, nutrition, exercise, sleep, premium skin care and an inner sense of total wellbeing. Would you ever have imagined that a fragrance could provide you with the latter? I didn’t, until I experienced it. The ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC Eau de Parfum scent takes me to a place in which my inner soul is nourished so that my exterior is beautiful. I guarantee, it will do the same for you.

Prep, Infuse and Nourish your skin; supplement with your personal NUTRILITE™ regimen and spritz ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC Eau de Parfum … Now go out – and conquer the world!

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