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A new way to look after your delicate eye area

Beauty & Grooming

Michelle D’Allaird shares her insights into the new ARTISTRY Dermasonic Ultimate Eye device and how to best use it for optimum results

I remember when I found out that ARTISTRY™ was launching the Dermasonic Device, I was beside myself with excitement! Devices with galvanic current have been available in the professional skincare industry since the early 1920s and 1930s but we’ve only recently been able to use them from the comfort of our own homes.

The Dermasonic Device also happens to be my absolute favourite unit of equipment, and it’s a necessity for skincare treatment. Why? Such ingredient penetration is simply not possible any other way.

Go deeper with your skincare routine

The skin has a natural protective barrier that keeps 90% of skincare products “on the surface”. With the powerful galvanic head on the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device, it neutralises this barrier so ingredients such as acids, vitamins, liposomes, enzymes and stem cells can easily penetrate the skin. In addition, the ultrasonic cleansing blade on the Dermasonic can blast away dirt, oil and debris from deep within the skin’s pores.

ARTISTRY Dermasonic Ultimate Eye

And now we’re taking it a step further with the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Ultimate Eye! It achieves all the powers of your Dermasonic Device plus a few extras to especially treat the delicate eye area at multiple levels:

  1. The galvanic current improves the penetration of active ingredients of ARTISTRY Eye Creams with powerful nourishing, hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients found in each of them.

  2. The galvanic current usually doesn’t work with creams, only with serums and gels. However, the Ultimate Eye Device contains Thermotreatment, a technology that helps the absorption of cream-based ingredients. This way, your delicate eye area can always receive maximum benefits.

  3. The skin around the eye is thin and delicate, with minimal glands and blood vessels. An increase in blood circulation is key to keeping this area looking bright and youthful. Ultimate Eye has a micro motor vibration that gently stimulates the skin and helps circulation.

A toolbox for a masterpiece of beauty

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Within the ARTISTRY collection, you have a selection of serums and eye creams with the finest targeted ingredients available to treat your eye area and face. When you pair any ARTISTRY eye cream with Dermasonic Ultimate Eye, you have in your hands a powerhouse of personal ingredients guaranteed to improve the appearance of your skin and create a masterpiece of beauty.

The secret of serums

Finally, I’d like you to consider one more trick. I’m always very specific that face creams are for the face and eye creams are for the eyes. Which is true. But when it comes to serums, we have more leeway.

ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Personalized Serums can be used in the eye area, prior to the application of eye cream. What you must remember is that they should never be used on the eyelid, or applied too close beneath the lash line.

You also have access to one of the finest vitamin C products on the market: ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE™ Advanced Vitamin C+HA Treatment. While it is not recommended for use directly on the eye or eyelids, it can be used on crow’s feet (the outside corner of the eye) and along expression lines.

To apply serums, gently tap a small amount beneath the eye from the outer corner to the inner corner directly at the orbital bone, or what we often call the “eye-socket” and avoid getting any products into your eyes.

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