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Which type are you?

Beauty & Grooming

Identify and complement your skin undertone – beautifully!

Ever tried on a blouse or tested a lipstick and instantly exclaimed either “wow!” or “eek!”? Some shades can look stunning on us, whereas others … not so much. These effects can sometimes come as a surprise, especially if we think a certain item will look great with our hair colour, for instance. The reason, though, is our skin undertone.

How to tell

If you want to know if you have a warm, cool or neutral skin undertone, take a look at your wrist veins. If they are clearly green, or yellow-green, your undertone is warm. If they are blue, or purplish-blue, you have a cool undertone. If your veins seem to be a mix of both, then you’re one of the lucky ones – you have a neutral undertone, which means every shade of makeup and clothing will look good on you. The website Stylecaster, describes it another way. See which hues you have beneath the surface of your skin – this is a great indicator for which shades of makeup or clothing will suit your type, too.

  • Anything goes with a neutral undertone
  • Neutral undertones can experiment with either bold, intense shades, like an ARTISTRY Cheek Colour in Fresh Coral and the ARTISTRY Natural Glow Eyeshadow palette, or subtle tones like ARTISTRY Light Up Lip Gloss in Pink Nude
  • Peachy, golden or spicy shades of makeup look gorgeous on warm undertones
  • ARTISTRY Spiced Bronze Eyeshadows, the Juicy Peach shade of ARTISTRY Light Up Lip Gloss and Golden Light shade of ARTISTRY Cheek Colour all look fabulous on a warm undertone
  • Pink, red or bluish tones of makeup flatter cool undertones
  • ARTISTRY Plumberry Eyeshadows, ARTISTRY Light Up Lip Gloss in Raspberry Kiss and the Soft Rose shade of ARTISTRY Cheek Colour are stunning with cool undertones

When choosing from the wide spectrum of shades for eyes, lips and cheeks offered by ARTISTRY TM makeup, remember which suit your undertone best.

Scroll through the slideshow above to see the products we recommend for each undertone type.

Perfect shade of foundation

All ARTISTRY foundations are helpfully labelled with both the tone and undertone of skin for which each shade is intended. The “L” stands for “Level”, with L1 being the fairest and L6 the most intense or dark. This is then followed by a W, C or N to indicate the warm, cool or neutral undertone.

Fast fact: Fairer-skinned people (often described as ivory or ochre) can have a warm or neutral undertone just as easily as those with darker skin tones (often described as caramel or walnut) can be cool or neutral. So, don’t confuse your skin undertone with your skin (over)tone. It’s the undertone that determines what suits you best!

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