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As the summer months come to an end, now is the perfect time to re-energise the skin and prepare it for Autum. Among the many things we can do to rejuvenate our skin and body, there is only ONE trick that is guaranteed to work for every person, every time. Know what it is? Hydration! Infuse the body with water and you have instant energy. Pack the skin with water and it has an instant plump, youthful appearance.

Transitioning between the hot outdoors and the cooled indoors means that the skin is in a constant fluctuation of temperature change that robs it of essential hydration. This drain depletes the skin’s energy resulting in dryness, sensitivity, an aged appearance and an inability to function properly. To fix this, just add water!

Drink plenty of H2O every day as it is important to hydrate our skin from within. In addition, take supplements containing skin-supporting nutrients, such as zinc and vitamins A, C and E, to give your complexion a boost.

Now pair this powerful internal hydrator with maximum support from the outside with the ARTISTRY HYDRA-VTM Refreshing Mask. While the entire ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection is always my recommendation, the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Moisture Refreshing mask is a one-step solution for busy women and men of every age and every skin type. This carefully formulated hydrating sheet will instantly saturate the outer layers of the skin with water, minerals and antioxidants.

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Mask is my go-to treatment for hydration. During the summer months it’s a part of my nightly regimen at least two nights per week to pack my skin with hydration and prep it for the environmental demands of the day to come. The more hydrated your skin is at the start of the day, the better it can protect itself and prevent major moisture loss throughout the day.

By hydrating the skin from both the inside and the outside, you “flip a switch” of energy to ensure that every layer and every cell receives a nice big drink of water. The end result? Plump, youthful-looking, hydrated skin that glows with energy and radiance.

My favourite trick … use every bit of product in the pouch. I apply it to my entire neck and décolleté, my arms and even my hands!

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