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A 360-degree view of HYMM

Beauty & Grooming

How cutting edge video technology offers an exciting sales tool for a refreshed men's grooming brand.

The improved formula, added products and sophisticated repackaging of the HYMMTM men’s grooming line already make it a great range! What better way to generate excitement around the range than a 360° video? The first Amway production created using this cutting-edge technology, the 360° technique allows us to freely explore and take full advantage of what is going on in the film — above, below, right, left and every metre in between. You can enjoy the video on your PC, laptop and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones (Android and iOS). For mobile devices always remember to open our video using YouTube. For PC and laptop viewing the best browsers to use are Opera, Chrome and Mozilla. What's more; with cardboard glasses, you can experience virtual reality right from your mobile phone !

The life of a confident HYMM man

Through the lens, we enter the world of a successful man who knows how to take care of himself, with HYMM products being an important part of his daily routine. We join him in a journey through a day in his life, observing him and his surroundings during a workout, freshening up in the bathroom and working in the office. Throughout the video, viewers may scroll around with the camera rotating in a full 360° angle to discover more about our hero’s day, as well as funny details about his surroundings. Click here to watch the video on on YouTube!

Tooled to sell

With such an innovative, tech-forward tool, it will be easy to capture a potential customer’s attention and seamlessly impress them with the strong products of the HYMM line.

To enjoy the video on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, you can open it with the YouTube application. The addition of cardboard glasses is an affordable way to create an immersive, virtual reality view. If you prefer to watch the movie on a standard PC, use the following browsers: Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

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