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Which of these styles will you express?

Beauty & Grooming

Show your mood by adding subtle hints to your look – with our hair products, make-up and fabulous fragrances.

We all have days when we feel a certain way about ourselves and want our look to reflect that – or, in reverse, we want the way we look to make us feel a certain way. Ideally, we will look and feel confident at all times, but sometimes we need to attend events or make presentations where we’re determined to be seen by others in a particular light – such as trendy, or creative, or business focused.

Not many of us fit within the parameters of just a few adjectives – each of us is an individual, and that’s what makes us interesting and attractive. However, there are certain themes we can strive for with our looks and even our perfume. Here, we take a personalised approach with our ARTISTRY™, SATINIQUE™ and Fragrances by Amway. Pick a style that most closely resembles how you already feel – or what you’d like to express.

Type 1 – You’re cultured, social and want to communicate in creative ways


Aim for hair that says, “I’m here!” by using products that add volume. Plump up your strands by washing and conditioning hair with the SATINIQUE Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. While your hair is still towel-dry, run through some Volumising Mousse with your fingers, to provide a light but full-looking head of hair.

You can also make a creative statement with your colour cosmetics. Look lively by defining your eyes, along your upper lashes, with a shade that differs from the usual earth or monochrome tones, such as the ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Longwearing Eye Pencil in Plumberry. Then, add life to your lips with the gorgeous Bougainvillea shade of ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Lipstick – after all, if you intend to talk a lot, your lips should look pretty!

Spritz on an intense and bright fragrance, such as Wistful™ Aroma Body Mist for women and you’re ready to go with this fun and fresh look.

Type 2 – You’re successful, self-sufficient and are focused on your goals

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Sleek, smart hair is called for, to achieve a classic businesslike look. If you have naturally unruly hair, don’t fret – we have just the products for you to make your strands poker-straight, with a healthy shine.

The SATINIQUE Smooth Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner help get your hair prepared for the styling steps to come: apply 2-3 pumps of SATINIQUE Straightening Balm to your hands and work evenly through your hair. Blow-dry hair straight, using a round brush and follow with hair straighteners if your hair still kinks on the ends. Rub a small amount of the Styling Cream onto your fingertips and define your shine by applying to the ends.

This well-tamed hair needs a classic make-up look. The ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Eye Shadow Quad in Natural Glow holds warm shimmering shades, such as beige, to apply to the whole eye area, contouring sparkling cool brown to apply to the eyelid crease and then deep espresso brown to add definition at the outer corners of the eyes.

Slick on some lipstick from the same line in Beige Peach and your strong-minded, independent-businesswoman look is complete.

Such a classic look can easily be complemented by the attractive scent of ANCESTRY™ Fragrance for Women.

Type 3 – You’re modern, trendy and exude sex appeal

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Hair that’s trimmed regularly or styled into one of the latest looks gives us an up-to-date appearance instantly. Sexy hair looks healthy and well cared for. If you colour your hair, you need to use products that cater to its needs, as even today’s hair colouring products can cause unattractive damage to our locks. Washing and rinsing hair using the Color Repair Shampoo and Conditioner by SATINIQUE helps prevent your colour from fading, keeps strands and roots hydrated and repairs any damage. To bolster delicate hair further while you sleep, apply the Overnight Repair Treatment, or use the Revitalizing Mask after conditioning and rinse out. Sexy hair – check!

A look that’s really in and will make you smoulder is the Smoky Eye look. ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR offers an Eye Shadow Quad with the same name! Emphasise your eyes with these elegant shades – the lighter shades to highlight and provide sexy shimmer, and the darker hues to define and contour.

Such a strong look needs to be balanced out with subtle lips – try the ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Lipstick Beige Peach. If you want to play up your lips more than your eyes, keep your eye make-up light and choose Daring Red for your lip colour. Your trendy make-up look is complete!

Finally, step into an elegant spray of ANCESTRY™ in Paris Fragrance for Women and then step out in full confidence.

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