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Our 5 favourite door openers

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Start conversations with these great introductory products

After your holiday break and family get-togethers, it’s time to get back into the swing of your daily work. Perhaps you’ve met some new potential customers or people curious about what the Amway business is. Either way, there are certain products that make ideal door openers because they’re easy to carry, appeal to a broad base and are inexpensive enough for even the most risk-averse to try. Here are our top five favourite introductory products from our active lifestyle, home, nutrition and personal care categories.

1. For your sporty go-getter

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Know someone who seems to always be on the go? Whether they’re jet-setting off to another travel adventure or training for the increasingly popular obstacle course races, this is the person who’s always trying to live life to the fullest. Appeal to their adrenaline side with XSTM Power Drink Orange Kumquat Blast. It’s a low-sugar alternative that pumps them with the energy they need to tackle all the challenges in their active lifestyle. Pro tip: Download the SSD app to learn how you can naturally grow your XS sales.

2. For the one who loves efficient cleaning

The L.O.C.TM Multi-Purpose Cleaner works on a variety of surfaces, allowing you to minimise the amount of bottles in your cleaning supply cupboard. A spray and wipe can leave every surface spotless and clean to the touch with this standout cleaner. Alternative: For those looking for convenience, whether something for a quick tidy-up or something to leave in the car, the disposable L.O.C. Multi-Purpose Wipes are a handy option.

3. For the busy person who’s concerned about their wellbeing

Go bold with the boost of XS™ Phyto Smoothie Boost. XS™ Phyto Smoothie Boost powder adds energising plant nutrients to your smoothie. It provides three brilliant greens – Chlorella, Green Tea Extract, and Ginseng to give you the drive to power through. The combination of Oat Beta Glucans and Isomaltooligosaccharide is gentle on the stomach while contributing to daily fibre intake. Perfect to take with you on the go!

4. For the dentist’s dream patient

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This is the person who can tell their dentist they floss regularly and they’re not lying. Or the person who wants to get serious about their teeth. Dental hygiene is crucial for your entire life, and GLISTERTM Multi-Action Fluoride Toothpaste seems to do it all. Safe for the whole family, this toothpaste whitens teeth and removes stains with regular brushing. Furthermore, it fights cavities with remineralisation, removes plaque and freshens your breath.

5. For the student of life who’s always learning

Prospective Amway Business Owners might worry about whether they’ll have the support and knowledge required to become a successful entrepreneur. Along with your guidance, you can reassure them with Amway Academy. This online training tool educates ABOs with videos, classes and interactive games so they can become an Amway expert. Communication is key, so make sure your prospective or new ABO knows about the vast resources at hand that will support their growth.

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